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Train Set

Custom engraved bricks aren’t just for fundraising anymore!  Our beautifully inscribed bricks can also be used to create personalized decorative train sets.  Whether you’re looking for a gift for a train enthusiast or you want to give something unique as a gift to congratulate a family on the recent birth of their baby boy, our laser engraved brick train is the perfect option.   Fundraising Brick’s state of the art laser engraving technology ensures that each and every brick is etched to perfection and your custom inscription is sure to stand the test of time.  Plus, with a variety of fonts and clip art graphics to choose from, each brick and each train is uniquely yours.

When given as a newborn gift, a personalized brick train is always greatly appreciated and will quickly become a treasured family keepsake.  According to Laura Desherlia, "For the birth of my third child, my mother gave us the personalized train set, and I cannot tell you how special it is to us. Not only is it touching because of the customization, but also because of its durability, I know it will stay in our family forever. Not many toys are built to last and turn into little family memorials like these train sets."

Gifts for train enthusiasts can become increasingly difficult over time, as collectors often already possess much of the train memorabilia that exists on the market.  However, because most people don’t know that we make brick inspired trains, we find that many train fanatics are missing this customized train in their collection.   What’s more, our brick trains can be so much more than just a train.  When you chose to have the bricks inscribed with the names of the collector’s children or grandchildren, this train goes from just another train to a prized part of the menagerie with sentimental value.

Beyond gifts, custom engraved trains also make a great addition to your Christmas décor.  Create a train with the names of each of your children or grandchildren to add something unique under the tree or design a train with Christmas clipart to decorate your mantle with the spirit of the season.  No matter how you chose to incorporate an engraved brick train into your holiday design, we are confident you will love it for years to come.

With a superior product and the best customer service in the business, we are confident we can help you turn your vision into a train inspired masterpiece.  Call or email us today!



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