About Our Process for Laser Engraving Bricks

Fundraising Brick is proud to offer a unique fundraising campaign that engages donors and honors their charity for years to come. It’s all thanks to our superior process for laser engraving bricks.

Our 6-Step Brick-Engraving Process

  1. You select a high-quality brick paver or tile. (And if you aren’t sure which one you want? Don’t worry. You can order a free sample brick to make the decision easier.)
  2. You choose what text, custom logos, and clipart (if any) you would like to go on the brick.
  3. You send us this information so that we can upload it into the software that runs our laser-engraving machine.
  4. The laser beam is incredibly hot and chemically alters the surface of your clay brick or tile.
  5. Our laser-engraving technology leaves a permanent mark on the tile or brick surface that will stand the test of time.
  6. We send the final product back the your organization for display in your walkway, wall, garden, or other designated location. If you want, as part of your campaign, we can also offer a replica brick with an acrylic display case to send directly to your donor, leaving them with a special brick display for their contribution.

Why Do We Use a Laser-Engraving Process?

Other brick fundraiser companies use sandblasting technology to etch their paver bricks. Others still use epoxy filler or paint to create their bricks.

Not us.

We use a high-quality laser engraving to get the job done, because it not only looks incredible, but is also absurdly durable. This durability is why we are confident in offering a lifetime guarantee on our bricks and tiles. That’s right: we offer a lifetime warranty against defects from the laser-engraving process for our bricks and tiles!

How Durable are Your Bricks?

The laser engraving will last forever; we guarantee it!

When we engrave a brick, we ensure that no portion of the brick or tile is removed or blasted out, as that would compromise its structural integrity. Furthermore, we add no additional fillers to the crevices, as those can dry out and crack over time with exposure to the elements.

Why Do We Use Clay Bricks?

We find that clay is affordable, durable, and creates a stunning memorial brick, which is why we opt for this material over other popular ones like granite or concrete pavers.

Is the Process Eco-Friendly?

Yes, our process and materials are more environmentally friendly than other brick fundraising options. Here is how it works.

Our process uses intense heat to alter the brick’s structure, allowing us to ensure that any brick we sell remains maintenance free over its lifetime. Sandblasting, on the other hand, requires power tools to create a deep crevice in the brick, which is then filled with a contrasting epoxy, grout, or paint to emphasize details. These processes are riddled with toxic substances and harsh solvents, which can be potentially detrimental to humans and the environment in the long run.

When you choose Fundraising Brick for your next engraved brick project, you can rest assured that you’re not only doing something great to benefit your organization, but you’re also choosing the environmentally responsible option!

What is Laser Vitrification?

Laser vitrification, or vitrification for short, is the official brick-etching process we use. It works like this: the laser directs an intensely hot beam onto the brick’s surface. This heat permanently changes the composition of the clay into a dark, glass-like mark. The final etching resembles volcanic glass and is absolutely gorgeous in natural light.

Besides looking incredible, we also love this process because it’s so versatile. Our laser-engraving machines allow for a virtually infinite number of fonts, graphics, custom logos, brick size, and brick color combinations.

How Long Has Fundraising Brick Used this Process?

For over 30 years Fundraising Brick has been laser engraving brick pavers and tiles. In fact, our company pioneered this unique laser-engraving technology in the industry.

Fundraising Brick: The Superior Way to Laser-Engrave Bricks

Our laser-etching process lasts a lifetime, is easy to maintain, and produces products that look phenomenal. Contact us today to learn more about our process for laser engraving bricks or to get started with your own brick fundraiser!

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