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Brick Locator Map

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your donors be able to easily find the location of their laser engraved brick within your project?

Now they can using our new brick locator tool. A brick locator is ideal for larger projects where it may be difficult for a donor to find their personalized laser engraved brick at your installation site.

Fundraising Brick can completely customize a brick locator map program to fit your exact needs. We can add additional data for ongoing fundraisers. We can show/hide as much data as requested by our customer. We will generate a detailed aerial view map of your installation site. This will allow your donors to quickly find their engraved brick that was so generously purchased to help your organization. Donors can see an overview of the entire brick map

Donors can search for their brick location to load the brick’s specific location details. This brick locator allows them to search for their brick using a donor name search. 

We also have an collective database that allows Fundraising Brick to email all of your donors their brick location after we have collaborated with your organization and the brick installer. Please contact us today to learn more about this amazing new tool!

Click here to see an example of our brick locator map

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