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And I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I love your company, and you have always been so great to work with. 😊❤ And our families absolutely love their mini bricks.

Kellison Elementary School, Fenton Missouri – Four Phase Installation Project

This is our third year we have run the buy a brick campaign for a needy child in our school or community. We raised money by selling the brick pavers and then we use the engraved pavers to complete our landscape around the school. The needy family gets the funds left over after we pay for the bricks. The school gets the nice landscape with the honor and memory pavers.

We have another path to lay and then we will fill in and make it a semi-circle with mulch in between the paths. The district has donated the labor to set the pavers nicely in place. As you can see it has withstood weathering nicely.

Monmouth Reform Temple, Tinton Falls, NJ

We use the engraved bricks in a walkway from Monmouth Reform Temple’s patio to a Meditation Garden. People can visit the garden at their leisure.  During the summer, we sometimes hold our outdoor Sabbath services in the garden.

Monmouth Reform Temple, Tinton Falls, NJ, undertook installation of this 80 ft. by 4-5 ft. Brick Walkway fund raising project in 2001. Within the first year, we had ordered 184 engraved bricks and we continue to add more in small quantities as requests are received. We have been very pleased with the cost and quality of the bricks, the ability to order in small quantities and the timely deliveries provided.

Maryland Fire Rescue Services

This memorial installation was in honor of the fallen firefighters and rescue personnel who have made the ultimate sacrafice to keep us safe and protected.  This memorial is Located one block from the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis, Maryland.

VFW Brick Installation – Flag Plaza at the VFW Home in Washington, Missouri

Fundraising efforts raised over $25,000.00. Walt Luthor, a former Navy Officer who advanced the idea of memorial bricks stated efforts are being made to place the home on the national register of historic places. The VFW home was built in 1860 and owned by the Busch Family.

Cesar Chavez Memorial – San Fernando California

The City of San Fernando has dedicated a memorial in memory of Cesar Chavez. The Memorial consist of engraved bricks, four separate art pieces, a fountain in the shape of the UFW Aztec-inspired eagle, 6 foot bronze sculpture of Cesar, sculpture of ten farm workers, and a 100 foot mural by local artist.

Fenton Heroes Memorial – River Chase Park Fenton, Missouri

In the spring of 2004, the Mayor of Fenton, Missouri, Dennis J. Hancock and the members of the Park Board (Board Chair–Glen Scholle, members Jeff Bodi, Charles Jahneke, Mike Lucas, Steve Covault, Gregg Cleveland, Diana Biras and Nannette Clark), determined that their city should build a memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. It was also determined that the memorial would honor police, firefighters, EMS personnel and all veterans.

The Heroes Memorial includes:

  • Hundreds of engraved brick pavers honoring the heroes involved in the lives of our Community.
  • A granite globe that “floats” on a thin curtain of water and spins easily at the touch of a child’s hand.
  • A black granite wall honoring the victims of the September 11th attacks. Engraved in the granite are the locations of the attacks. In front of the wall is a sculpture symbolizing the “Twin Towers”.
  • Two black granite pilasters listing the names of area police, firefighters and military personnel killed in the line of duty.
  • A beautifully landscaped stone planter wall containing plaques honoring veterans, police, firefighters and the victims of 9/11.
  • Flagpoles sponsored by local organizations
  • Granite benches and pillars.

Columbia Country Club Clock Tower

The concept for the Remembrance Clock and FundRaiser Engraved Brick project was an excellent opportunity to involve our members, recognize our loved ones and build a timeless treasure for Columbia Country Club, while providing an on-going way to honor special occasions in our lives with engraved bricks.

Thanks to the dedicated members of Columbia Country Club, their families and friends, we began our Remembrance Clock and FundRaiser Engraved Brick Project, “For the Members by the Members”, and raised over $25,000 to purchase the clock, the bricks and pay for all expenses.

The clock was purchased from Verdin Clock Company and the bricks were purchased through Fundraising Brick. The design for the beautiful base clock was created working with FundRaising Brick and the first installation of eighteen engraved bricks has been accomplished. “I have traveled all over the world and seen clocks of all shapes and sizes, but I have never seen one so beautiful as the clock at Columbia Country Club. The clock, the brick base and the setting is just breathtaking.”

This Remembrance Clock project is a true “labor of love” and is an incredible honor for our loved ones. It is a timeless treasure and a valuable centerpiece for Columbia Country Club.

Our hope is that selling engraved bricks from Fundraising Brick will also generate funds to sustain the clocks future expenses and provide funds to assist with club projects. The engraved brick phase will keep our project dynamic well into the future as members recognize special events and people – like marriages, birthdays or a hole in one!

Remember, the clock is always ticking so spend your days making memories…because time steals everything but our memories; and FundRaiser Bricks are engraved to last a lifetime. The friendly, professional assistance provided by Jenny and Karen at Fundraising Brick exemplifies customer service through and through.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Student generated art work was collected from local schools in celebration of the Lewis and Clark Dedication. The winning drawings were inscribed in brick and placed along the river font. This was a donation to the community by Fundraising Brick LLC.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial

Honoring our Heroes Installation at Hutchinson, Kansas Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Raised $30,000.00.

The Muny at Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

The Muny has raised nearly $350,000.00 with their ongoing laser engraved brick fundraiser. They sell their 4X8 bricks for $250.00 each and their 8X8 bricks for $1000.00 each.

Nearly 1,000 Muny lovers have been recognized for their contributions to The Muny with inscribed bricks. Some inscriptions are in memory of a family member, a loved one or a friend. Others send messages to The Muny or future audiences, like the ones that read:


The Sandwich Glass Museum – Sandwich, Massachusetts

Join this unique Museum and explore the world of glass. You can play a vital part in supporting the Museum, preserving the history of Sandwich and expand its educational programs. We invite you to join our nationwide and international family of members. Your purchase of a membership provides essential operating funds for the Museum. Patron members receive an engraved brick in your name to be placed in the Museum lobby.

Gerald Veterans Memorial – Gerald, Missouri

The Gerald Veterans Memorial is located in the heart of Gerald City Park. The memorial encompasses a walkway, flags, pillars, lamp posts, benches, and the laser engraved bricks memorial. The fundraising efforts earned over $40,000.00 in revenue for the City of Gerald to build this memorial park.

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