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engraved pavers brick campaignAmong the most popular fundraising projects are the ones that are developed by garden clubs. If you have ever visited or seen pictures of a garden club beautification site, a memorial that has been integrated into a garden, or other such outdoor installations, you know how beloved they quickly become within a community. The sight of beautifully inscribed pavers pieced into an elegant mosaic path or wall creates a distinctive sense of place.  No wonder engraved pavers fundraising has become one of the most effective ways to generate donations.

Most garden clubs depend on the funding that they receive from membership dues, community contributions, earned income from hosting events, and yearly fundraising efforts. In order to carry out their mission of education and community outreach, many garden clubs have instituted a core group of members whose focus is on fundraising efforts. Such efforts are not unlike gardening. You start with a few “seeds” in the form of initial donations, you tend to the growth of the fund, and you patiently sustain the process from season to season.

Like gardening, engraved pavers fundraising doesn’t happen overnight. Many hands make light work in a garden, and we at Fundraising Brick can enrich the growth process with our many years of insight into the fundraising process. Because garden club fundraisers are competing for an ever-shrinking pool of donor dollars, it’s essential that the fundraising campaign engages potential donors on an emotional level. It also needs to generates a high response rate and a sufficient average donation amount over the course of the campaign. It should also allow you to encourage your best givers to keep on giving over time.

In planning the engraved brick and tile fundraising event, draw on your experience as a green thumb to keep the donated “green” coming in, too! For example, consider the scale of the designated site. Is it big enough to accommodate a sufficient number of bricks? Does it allow room for possible expansion in the event that you exceed your fundraising goals? Consider, too, the number and extent of your fundraising sources. Who and where are your donors? Could you scale donation amounts into tiers in order to attract the highest possible percentage of participation?

Above all, you need to make sure that the quality, durability, and style of the bricks will allow you to create the garden that you have in mind. By selecting Fundraising Brick as your partner, you’re insuring that the garden will generate high interest throughout the campaign and offer plenty of enjoyment for decades to follow.

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