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Brick Pattern Designs

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Are you still wondering if a brick or tile fundraiser is right for you? In addition to being a great way to raise money for your organization, fundraiser bricks and tiles can be installed to create aesthetically pleasing walkways, walls and more.  As you begin to consider your fundraising brick project, let one of our experienced designers help you create your masterpiece.  Our design team will work with you to customize a brick or tile installation design that will encompass your vision and your organization’s message. We have designed brick and tile installations for sidewalks, gardens, walls and other structures, both indoors and outdoors. Our staff can assist you with a design concept and layout for your engraved bricks or tiles, and help you create a master plan that will ensure your brick fundraising project is not only a great success, but is also a beautiful structure that will  be admired for years to come.

Below are some samples of more popular installation layouts for you to consider; however, we are always open to creating something completely custom, and we look forward to incorporating your input into the final design.  Once you have a general design plan selected, the team at Fundraising Brick will help you calculate the space required and amount of bricks and/or tiles needed for your installation.

Download our brick installation patterns here!  |  3D rendering examples and brick colors!

In addition to the installation layout, our designers will work with you to select the size, shape and color of your specific fundraising bricks or tiles.  Our diverse offering of brick and tile styles, colors, and sizes will help ensure that your brick or tile represent your organization’s personality. The possibilities are endless with custom engraved bricks.  Whether your donors are looking for the perfect way to pay tribute to the life of a loved one or they just want to be publicly recognized for their contributions to your organization, fundraising bricks can help you show your appreciation to your supporters while also give you the building blocks (literally) to build something long lasting and beautiful.  Our personalized pavers can turn a walkway, wall, or plaza into something special that will be cherished by your donors, and also the community at large, for years to come.  Whatever the purpose of your fundraising brick project, we will work with you to make certain your project stands out and has the desired impact. Together with the experts at Fundraising Brick you can take your fundraiser from ordinary to extraordinary.

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