Find a Brick Fundraiser Near You!

Find a Brick Fundraiser Near You!2022-06-21T10:31:08-05:00

Fundraising Brick has over 20 years of experience with projects that include stadiums, sports teams, zoos, aquariums, schools and universities, churches and other religious organizations, camps, libraries, memorials, museums, hospitals, charitable and non-profits, parks and recreation centers, etc. Every project is unique, which is one of the many things we love about what we do! Because no two projects are the same, we will work with your organization to custom design a project that is both profitable and aesthetically pleasing – we excel in meeting the required needs for each organization.

Fundraising Brick has done installations in more than 40 states, and no project is too big or too small. As you plan your fundraising brick project, we encourage you to visit one or more of our completed projects so that you can see the quality firsthand. And if you’re interested in speaking with a past client, we are happy to put you in touch with someone who can give you direct feedback about their Fundraising Brick experience. We are confident that once you see a completed Fundraising Brick project you will look no further for your next fundraising campaign.

Please click on the map or the link below to find a brick or tile installation near you. You will be provided with a name and address of an existing brick or tile installation. Visit the installation site, view the beautifully laser engraved bricks or tiles and then reach out to Fundraising Brick so we can help you plan your next fundraising initiative.

Fundraising Brick Installation Site Map

Fundraising Brick offers cost-effective brick and tile fundraising and marketing ideas that will help ensure your donor campaign succeeds. We will work closely with you from the beginning stages of project planning and soliciting donations to finalizing your orders and managing the installation process to ensure that you and your donors are happy with the process from start to finish. Let Fundraising Brick help you turn bricks into bucks today.

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