Fundraising Brick offers you services that go above and beyond those of our competitors.

Our goal is to help you plan a successful buy a brick or tile fundraising campaign, and to ensure we do just that, we provide our customers with a collection of complimentary special services.

Many of our competitors charge extra for these specialty service upgrades; however, we provide them at no additional cost to because we are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best experience possible.

When you choose us, you choose product excellence and reliability. We produce laser engraved bricks that you’ll be proud to use in your brick fundraising project, but that’s just the beginning. We also support the project itself—every step of the way.

Our wide range of services and resources include:

  • Exceptional customer service – We are open 24 hours a day to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.
  • Expert marketing service – Let us help you create marketing collateral that is sure to make your contribution campaign stand out and garner more donations!
  • Customizable clipart – We offer a library of more than 1500 complimentary clip art images, which allow your donors to truly personalize their engraved brick(s).
  • Creative designs for layout and installation – Work one-on-one with our design specialist to ensure your installation works well within the designated space and achieves your organization’s fundraising goals.
  • Locator maps that donors will love – For larger scale projects, let us create a locator map so that donors can easily find their engraved bricks or tiles within the installation. Click here to see an example of a locator map.
  • On-time delivery – Our promise to you is that we will deliver your bricks or tiles on or before the promised date. No excuses.
  • “Pathway to a Successful Fundraiser” – We are only successful if you’re successful, which is why we have put together a collection of resources for your review to assist you with the fundraising process from start to finish.

And why do we go above and beyond you might ask?

Because we know one thing to be true.  If we work with your organization on a buy a brick or fundraising tile campaign that produces great results, not only are you likely to come back to us the next  time you have a fundraising project, but you will be sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about your positive experience.

And rather than spending our money on expensive advertising, we’d rather provide you with a superior experience and in turn, rely on your word of mouth “advertising” to get the word out about the Fundraising Brick advantage.

Our fundraising team is available to you at any time for guidance and support. We realize that most fundraising project leaders are volunteers who can’t always plan and execute these projects within normal business hours.

That’s why our highly experienced team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – yes, including nights and weekends—to assist you with your fundraising project. Only Fundraising Brick can offer you and your organization this standard of 24-hour service and personal dedication.

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