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Fundraising for Nonprofits

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Fundraising plays a major role in the way colleges and universities provide for the local community. Active students and alumni alike benefit from fundraisers that allow them to both donate and receive funding when needed. Fundraisers keep the charitable coffers full and ready to use when students and alumni request money for any variety of areas. Ranging from drop boxes for donations to shirt sales, there are so many ways you can fundraise for your educational institution.

This is where Fundraising Brick can assist with the benefits of brick and tile fundraising.

Why Brick Fundraising Should Be Used for Non-Profit Organizations

When you are looking for ways to raise money for your university, brick fundraising is a popular option. The use of engraved bricks and tiles for non-profit fundraising does more than just raise funds. It allows members of your community to cement their names as part of the legacy of the organization. Business professionals, family members, community leaders, loved ones, and colleagues crave being able to showcase their support for a non-profit organization with which they’ve been intimately involved, such as being an alumna or alumnus from a university.

Additionally, brick fundraisifng offers the cost-effectiveness that a nonprofit needs due to its low level of investment. Both the materials and labor needed to produce bricks or tiles are inexpensive. The labor involved is also minimal, consisting of etching a donor’s name into the face of the brick, along with a personalized message.

Here are some additional benefits of brick fundraising:

Cost Savings

Reduce the amount you spend on fundraising while increasing your earnings potential with brick and tile fundraisers. The combination of inexpensive materials and efficient technologies, such as laser etching, greatly reduces your expenses.

Emotional Significance

When you use tile and brick pavers for fundraising, you create a long-lasting connection with the community. Donors are able to showcase their pride and support for their school in a novel way. These fundraising tiles can be used as pavers, in walkways, on benches, or as part of memorials.


You are able to utilize this type of fundraiser as you scale and grow your business operation.


Use brick and tile fundraisers in partnership with other charity drives, such as bake sales, scavenger hunts, trivia nights, and charity auctions. You can also host this type of fundraising campaign online so that individuals who live out of state or in another country are able to showcase their support. This is key when appealing to international students, parents, and alumni who are contributing via online donations. The online fundraising strategy of crowdfunding also allows you to generate a following.

Lasting Impact

Hosting a fundraising event in your college community does more than just make money. You are able to attract more major donors who will become future board members, family members and potential donors in the future.

Types of Fundraising That Are Ideal For Bricks & Tiles

Alumni Outreach

The alumni at your college or university should serve as the foundation of your fundraising and overall outreach efforts. Their devotion and readiness to give back provides you with a steady stream of financial resources that will allow you to not only reinvest in the community — think new project initiatives, student programs, facilities improvements, etc. — but increase your ROI in the process.

Graduation Events

Increase donor retention and identify new donor opportunities by driving up interest for recent graduates. Graduation is the time to get their attention, before they return to their home towns or move to a new state altogether. Set up some graduation events that drive interest among attendees to donate either money or time. For example, you can host a walkathon in which new grads can walk for more than just their diploma. They can have the chance to be a part of a permanent walkway built by your tile or brick fundraiser.

Or, what about designing a T-shirt for those who will be graduating soon and preparing to become alumni. The T-shirt can be a freebie for those who purchase a customized brick from the alumni association. It’s a great way to share the love of your alumni group while cultivating a vibrant community spirit. Plus, your alumni will be thrilled to get something gratis after they have invested so much time and energy into their education. Establish the legacy of your university within your alumni as they enter into this prestigious association.

And perhaps the ultimate form of new graduate outreach when it comes to fundraising: Inserting a donation form into each new graduate’s diploma cover.

Memorial or Tributary

A memorial is never something you want to think about planning, yet it is often the most important aspect of any alumni association. Memorializing students who have passed is so important for fellow colleagues, not to mention loved ones, and a memorial built using fundraising bricks gives everyone the chance to show honor and respect for these individuals and their achievements.

But don’t stop at building the memorial itself. Identify additional opportunities to raise money by holding a gala, silent auction, or other type of event to complement the building of the brick monument and further diversify your fundraising efforts and increase donation amounts.

Student Groups

Greek systems, such as fraternities and sororities, are important to the fabric of many universities across the country, and members of these student groups are often encouraged — if not mandated as a membership requirement — to take part in community engagement. A wide variety of fundraising options work well for these associations. You can host a variety of events to leverage their help and meet your fundraising goals, such as car washes, talent shows, beauty pageants, and social media contests.

Academic Clubs & Sports Programs

Academic clubs and sports programs at your school offer more than just an extracurricular activities.

No activity galvanizes both a student and alumni base from a school more than watching their sports teams play on game day. If you go to one of these games, you’ll see fundraising activities taking place all around you.

And this doesn’t even take into account any of the common ways schools rely on sports for revenue, like ticket sales, sales of apparel such as t-shirts, jerseys, etc., fees collected from parking lots surrounding athletic fields, and any other fees that may pertain to attendees of games.

Employee Donations

Any campus requires the support of staff. Campus staff are the backbone to any successful school system. Provide a way for faculty and staff to showcase their own support for the school. Through fundraising campaigns, you and other university employees can connect with the school in a novel way. Consider setting up a fundraising program that donates a brick for an honored colleague or staff member. Use this program as a reward system to show appreciation for these individuals and their dedication to the university.

This could also be an excellent way of obtain recurring donations.

Local Businesses

The best sources of money for any school alumni organization need not be far in proximity from campus. Local businesses are situated to best capitalize on a brick fundraising program. By providing local companies with the chance to emblazon their company name and logo on the school campus, you do two things: Offer a long-lasting and prestigious marketing and advertising opportunity for that local business and present it with an opportunity to give back to the community.

Simply by donating money, these companies feel connected with the school and become a reflection of that school’s values. Students and graduates will recognize and affiliate those local brands and businesses with the school. It’s a win-win proposition that very few business owners will not at least consider.

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