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Fundraising Brick is the industry leader in quality custom engraved bricks and tiles.  But in addition to offering a superior product, we also are renowned for our world class customer service and our complimentary fundraising and design consulting services.

If you’re like many of the groups we’ve worked with in the past, you know the general size of the space where you want to put the engraved brick installation or engraved tile memorial. You have strong feelings and opinions about the message you want your design to convey. And, you have almost certainly seen other engraved brick installations or memorials that have inspired you to give fundraising bricks a try for your organization. But now you’re wondering exactly what your fundraising brick design should entail and how you should go about planning the specific installation details to ensure your organization’s goals are met and your donors’ dollars are best put to work.

No need to look any further. The design and fundraising teams at Fundraising Brick will concurrently work with you to customize and installation design that encompasses your aesthetic vision, relays your organization’s desired messaging and maximizes the overall impact of your fundraising efforts.  Whether you have a small space for a dedicated walkway or you’re looking to build an entire new wing of a building using our laser engraved bricks, we will work with you to create a design that fits your space and your budget.

The team at Fundraising Brick can also assist with private installations for your home or office.  Looking to honor a grandparent with a garden walkway inscribed with their grandchildren’s names?  We can help with that.  Want to create a “Wall of Honor” for your company’s annual “Employee of the Year” along an interior corridor?  We can help with that.  There is really no project to big or too small for the team at Fundraising Brick.  Regardless of the size and scope of your brick or tile installation, you can rest assured that the Fundraising Brick team will be there to help you execute your project from start to finish.  We have designed laser engraved brick installations for sidewalks, gardens, walls and other structures, both indoors and outdoors.

Let us show you the Fundraising Brick advantage.  Click here to download our brick & tile installation layout designs  and 3D rendering examples, for inspirational design ideas for your engraved brick or tile fundraiser. Call us to learn how we can help you take your fundraising brick or tile project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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