While printed posters and flyers are fun, online advertising is perhaps the single-most effective way to reach potential donors. And when you partner with Fundraising Brick, you don’t have to work hard to see amazing results when spreading the word about your upcoming tile or brick fundraising event.

Be fun, fresh, and bold when advertising your upcoming brick or tile campaign by using one of our explainer videos, which will show your audiences the value in donating to your campaign. Our whiteboard videos are particularly popular, thanks to their animation style that mimics a classroom whiteboard. There are 48 video templates in this collection to choose from–24 for brick campaigns and 24 for tile campaigns.

To get started, simply select one of our videos, add your company’s logo and name (or have us do that part for you), and share away! Then, prepare for lots of engagement and interest in your fundraiser. Contact Fundraising Brick today for additional details on how to start your brick or tile campaign.

Brick – Alumni

Tile – Alumni

Brick – Boy Scouts

Tile – Boy Scouts

Brick – Church

Tile – Church

Brick – Club

Tile – Club

Brick – Dog Park

Tile – Dog Park

Brick – Eagle Scouts

Tile – Eagle Scouts

Brick – Elks

Tile – Elks

Brick – Fraternity

Tile – Fraternity

Brick – Girl Scouts

Tile – Girl Scouts

Brick – Hospital

Tile – Hospital

Brick – Legacy of Support

Tile – Legacy of Support

Brick – Library

Tile – Library

Brick – Memorial Garden

Tile – Memorial Gardens

Brick – Museum

Tile – Museum

Brick – Park

Tile – Park

Brick – Playground

Tile – Playground

Brick – School

Tile – School

Brick – Sport Program

Tile – Sport Program

Brick – Sorority

Tile – Sorority

Brick – Stadium

Tile – Stadium

Brick – University

Tile – University

Brick-Veterans Memorial

Tile-Veteran Memorial

Brick – VFW

Tile – VFW

Brick – Zoo

Tile – Zoo

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