School fundraisers have become a fact of life. Many schools rely on such supplementary funding to pay for basic classroom supplies, computer equipment, elective programs, field trips, and more. With fundraisers taking place as frequently as monthly or even weekly, how do you come up with a fundraising idea that stands out from the pack? Ideally, it should be a fundraiser that

  • encourages broad participation,
  • allows for many different levels of financial contribution, and
  • can be sustained from school year to school year.

Fundraising with engraved bricks for schools scores an A+ in all three categories!  If you serve on a school fundraising committee, you’ll discover several advantages to using engraved bricks.

Here are just a few:

  • Engraved bricks and pavers look appropriate in any school setting.
    No matter what the architecture, design, or size of your school, engraved bricks have a place in it.  They can be used to create walls, walkways, and other installations. For example, a brick fundraising wall might pay tribute to graduating classes, teachers, and staff. A school library walkway might allow donors to “adopt a book.” Use our brick installation layout guide for inspiration.
  • Engraved bricks encourage high rates of donor participation.
    Because of all the ways that fundraiser bricks can be personalized, donors of all ages can relate to them. You can also offer design options that encourage local businesses and other organizations to sponsor bricks. Download our fundraising presentation to launch your campaign.

Engraved bricks make it easy to measure the progress of a fundraising campaign.

Bricks give tangible form to the idea that every donation makes a difference. Brick by brick, donation by donation, your school supporters can monitor the success of the campaign. This in turn can generate more excitement and lead to more donations.

When you use engraved bricks for a school’s fundraiser, you’re also drawing from what you learned when you were a student yourself. Fundraisers provide a real life civics lesson, as they show students how members of their communities work together to support a good cause. There’s also art—the art of personalizing custom bricks. The Fundraising Brick Clipart menu alone offers more than 1500 graphic images.

As for science, at Fundraising Brick we use it to bring you laser engraved bricks that will last a lifetime. Laser engraving represents a major technological advance over “old school” methods such as sandblasting and pantographing. That’s because the extreme heat of the laser dramatically alters the engraved areas of the brick. As a result of this process, the engraving becomes a permanent part of the brick. By contrast, older methods produce only superficial marks that will erode over time. Find out more about the science behind engraved bricks for fundraising here.

A beautiful brick or tile installation is a great way to inspire students and to thank parents, teachers, local businesses, corporate sponsors and the community for their donations to the school. Our engraved bricks and tiles are durable and have been tested for extreme weather. Our laser engraving is lifetime guaranteed to be free of any defect. We offer designs for both interior and exterior installations as well as numerous options for visuals, fonts, clipart, and logos that can be applied to the bricks and tiles. Now you can create an installation that reflects the unique character of your school.

Show your school how much the community wants them to succeed. Call one of our fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U now. We’ve done most of the fundraising homework for you and we offer expert knowledge, services, and resources. Let’s get started on the school fundraiser that will pass every test with flying colors!