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38 Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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No matter the level of education—elementary school, middle school, high school, university—institutions across the country rely on fundraisers to pay for basic school supplies, school events, elective programs, sports teams, and more. Want to host a winning fundraiser for your kid’s school? Keep reading to learn more about which fun activities raise the highest amount of money.

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Creating an Effective Fundraiser for Schools

Raising funds for your organization doesn’t have to be hard or take a large amount of time. Low-cost, successful school fundraising ideas include:

  1. Bake sales
  2. 50/50 raffle ticket sales
  3. Movie nights
  4. Talent shows
  5. Read-a-thons
  6. Cookie dough sales
  7. Walk-a-thons
  8. School gym sleepovers
  9. Dance-a-thons
  10. Fun runs
  11. Scavenger hunts
  12. Silent auctions
  13. Book sales
  14. Pancake breakfast sales
  15. Pajama days
  16. Game nights
  17. Coupon or gift card booklet sales
  18. Spelling bees
  19. Battle of the bands
  20. Color runs
  21. Online donation pages on the school website
  22. Food trucks
  23. Shoe drives
  24. School dances
  25. Parents’ night out events
  26. School picnics
  27. Field days
  28. Valentine’s day candy grams
  29. Yard sales
  30. Halloween dress-up days
  31. Bingo nights
  32. Karaoke competitions
  33. Cook-offs
  34. Trivia nights
  35. Car washes
  36. Christmas gift-wrapping services
  37. School spirit t-shirt sales
  38. Brick fundraisers

    Elements of Fundraising Success

    Any good fundraiser should accomplish the following:

    1. Broad participation from the entire school community, from elementary school students to high schoolers
    2. Offer different levels of financial contributions and sponsorship options
    3. Ensure sustainability from school year to school year
    4. Raise extra money for the chosen organization or extracurricular activity
    5. Make it easy to collect donations both in person and online

    Fundraising efforts using engraved bricks score an A+ in all five categories!

    7 Advantages of Brick Fundraising Opportunities

    If you serve on a school fundraising strategy committee, you’ll discover several advantages to using engraved bricks.

    1. Engraved bricks and pavers look appropriate in any school setting. No matter the architecture, design, or size of your school, engraved bricks and tiles are a natural fit. They can create walls, walkways, and other installations. For example, a brick fundraiser wall might pay tribute to current school attendees, graduating classes, former or current teachers, or notable staff members. A school library walkway might allow donors to “adopt a book.” Use our brick installation layout guide for inspiration. The only limitation to what you can do with bricks or tiles is your own imagination.
    2. Engraved bricks encourage high rates of donor participation. Because of all the ways that fundraiser bricks can be personalized, donors of all ages can relate to them. You can offer design options that encourage school alumni, local restaurants, and even family members to sponsor bricks. Take the initiative to download our fundraising presentation and launch your campaign that inspires an entire community.
    3. Engraved bricks make it easy to measure the progress of a fundraising campaign. Bricks give tangible form to the idea that every donation makes a difference, providing an easy incentive to donate. This factor can help when it comes to advertising your fundraiser, particularly on social media. Brick by brick, donation by donation, your school supporters can monitor the success of a fundraising campaign. This monitoring, in turn, can generate more excitement, lead to more donations, and help you meet your fundraising goals. You can use our free fundraising thermometer to make measuring your campaign’s success easy and fun.
    4. Engraved bricks last a lifetime. Fundraising bricks are engraved using state-of-the-art laser technology, a major upgrade from old-school methods like sandblasting and pantographing. The extreme heat of the laser dramatically alters the surface area of the brick, ensuring that whatever is etched becomes a permanent part of the brick. By contrast, older methods produce only superficial markings that erode with time. Find out more about the science behind engraved bricks for your next school fundraising event.
    5. These fundraisers teach real-world values. These fundraisers provide a real-life civics lesson that show students how local community members can work together to support a good cause.
    6. Brick fundraising encourages artistry. An art element is involved in this process: the art of personalizing custom bricks. Take advantage of our Fundraising Brick Clipart menu to choose from more than 1500 graphic images that will make your brick fundraising campaign pop.
    7. These fundraisers are flexible. There are no laws against blending fundraising platforms. Bricks can be easily incorporated into any number of fun events you may have already planned to raise money, including bingo nights, field days, cook-offs, karaoke competitions, and more. In the end, the goal is to raise as much money as possible, so why not mix and match campaigns to smash records?

    Starting a School Fundraiser with Fundraising Brick

    Online fundraising, such as crowdfunding, has its place. But seldom is it engaging, let alone able to be memorialized. Make sure your next fundraising event is remembered with laser-etched bricks.

    A beautiful brick or tile installation is a great way to inspire students and to thank parents, teachers, local businesses, corporate sponsors, and the community for donating to the school. It also serves as a tangible reminder for those who have donated. Engraved bricks and tiles from Fundraising Brick are durable and have been tested for extreme weather, and our laser engraving is guaranteed to be free of any defects for a lifetime. You can choose from designs for both interior and exterior installations, as well as choose from numerous options for visuals, fonts, clipart, and logos. With Fundraising Brick, you can create an installation that reflects the unique character of your school.

    Show your school how much the community wants them to succeed while raising money at the same time. Call one of our fundraising experts now at 1-855-BRICKS4U. We’ve done most of the fundraising homework for you and we offer expert knowledge, services, and resources. Let’s get started on fundraisers for schools that will pass every test with flying colors!

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