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Why Choose Fundraising Brick For Your Campaign?

Fundraising Brick is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we stand behind our products and services. In our years of business, we are extremely proud to say that we have had zero customer complaints. We are customer focused and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Fundraising with engraved bricks is the inspired way to attract donations to your worthy cause. From personalized bricks that allow donors to literally put their names on a project, to commemorative bricks that honor loved ones, using engraved bricks for fundraising is certain to generate greater involvement in your donor campaigns. Best of all, engraved bricks create a way to show current and potential donors visible and measureable fundraising success.

Fundraising Brick of Hermann, MO specializes in successful brick and tile campaigns using our patented laser engraving process. When you look at our engraved bricks and pavers, you’ll notice how smooth and glossy the engraving is. Each mark creates a beautiful contrast against the surface of the brick or tile, and unlike sandblasting, laser engraving ensures that no dirt gets trapped in the grooves. As a result, our bricks are maintenance-free. No additional labor costs are required to keep your laser engraved bricks as stunning as the first day you received them from our warehouse. With more than 20 years of experience in laser brick and tile engraving for fundraising, our team of dedicated experts can help you to maximize your fundraising potential. We are customer focused and our devoted team of professionals is truly committed to your success.

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BRICK$ 4 BUCK$ ® Reward Program

brick campaign laser engravedAs your organization purchases bricks, you’ll earn discounts and free bricks (or tiles), helping you achieve your fundraising goals even faster than before with our BRICKS FOR BUCKS $ ® program.

For example, if you order 500 bricks (or tiles), you qualify for a 2.5% discount on your order and you also will receive 20 additional bricks (or tiles) at no charge to you. Meanwhile, if you purchase ten thousand bricks (or tiles), you will earn a hefty 8% discount rate plus 125 free bricks (or tiles).

All this means is that the more bricks or tiles you purchase, the less you have to spend and the more dollars’ flow through to help achieve your fundraising goals!

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Why Laser-Engraving Makes A Difference

brick fundraiser laser engraved

Simply put, laser engraving is a natural and permanent process. The engraved design won’t fade or crack away with sun and weather exposure; over time the engraving will still be crisp and legible. Since no epoxies, grouts or fillers are used in our laser engraving process, nothing can fade, chip, or fall out over time. Unlike inferior products, our engraved bricks and pavers won’t pose a hazard to visitors who use medically necessary assistive devices, such as canes or walkers, or wear shoes with heels. Discover why our laser engraving is superior to other brick and tile treatments.

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