Churches are challenged in these economic times when it comes to attracting donations and monetary support from their congregations. Often, more members of the congregation are seeking the help of the church than the other way around. As a result, churches, like any other non-profit in the U.S., find themselves competing for fewer and fewer donor dollars.

The church’s fundraising committee is therefore critical to the church’s ability to continue community outreach, offer fellowship, and sustain the overall mission of the church. But how do you convey this to your potential donors? In order to promote donor engagement, church fundraising events must be:

  • Meaningful to your congregation members
  • Profitable
  • Capable of sustaining donations year after year.

Fortunately, an engraved brick fundraising event meets all of those requirements. It allows donors to see a public acknowledgement of their commitment. It is cost-effective and can be organized with the expert support of a vendor, thus removing much of the pressure from a fundraising committee. It also builds a sense of community and inspires others to participate, making it a renewable effort year after year. In short, brick-based church fundraisers offer the ideal solution.

Engraved brick and tile fundraising have become increasingly popular because profitability levels can be scalable to the church’s funding needs.

  • How much money do you need to fundraise?
  • What are your goals for the project?
  • Is this one-time or ongoing?

The scope and scale of the fundraising is totally up to you.

We have customers who have focused on raising a few thousand dollars for a single project. At the other side of the spectrum, we have had customers who raised hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars for larger scale investments, or to supplement an operating budget. In situations where annual recurring donations are desired, we can help coordinate engraved brick or engraved tile re-orders to ensure that repeated ordering periods are available for your donors.

You can also determine the aesthetics.

A beautiful engraved brick or engraved tile wall installment, or a walkway made out of our gorgeous engraved pavers, is an elegant and impressive way to show donors how much you appreciate their support and generosity. Our engraved bricks and engraved tiles are highly durable and skillfully designed to withstand all types of weather. The laser etching is permanent and will not fade from the brick or tile. In fact, our laser engraving has a lifetime guarantee to be free from any defect—or we will replace it. The laser engraved bricks and engraved tiles can be used for interior or exterior installations. Thanks to our advanced laser capabilities, we offer a wealth of designs, fonts, clipart and depictions that can be etched into the bricks and tiles. In other words, we can create a truly customized piece that your donors will admire and appreciate.

Show the members of your congregation how essential their contributions are to the mission of your church. Call our fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-958-0516) to take the first step in launching a successful fundraiser for your church.