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Let us design your Donor Site for free so your donors have the ability to order online.  As a leader in engraved brick and tile fundraising, Fundraising Brick is always looking for great ways to enhance the customer service experience. As an added benefit, Fundraising Brick now offers an online ordering system for your buy a brick or tile fundraising campaign. This fully interactive web page allows your donors to place their orders directly through the Fundraising Brick online portal.  Not only does this make the process seamless for your contributors, but it also eliminates the need for your campaign manager or fundraising committee chairperson to manually input orders on behalf of your donors.  This streamlines the overall ordering process for all parties involved.

One of the key features of our online ordering system is that it allows for us to design a landing page specifically for your engraved brick or tile program.  This means that the information your donors see will be specific to your organization’s fundraising project.  Additionally, this unique url means that you can easily integrate a link to the brick or tile purchase site on your website, enabling donors to effortlessly click though to the point of sale and support your cause.

Furthermore, when your donors are able to place their orders directly through Fundraising Brick, they are able to enter the text exactly as they would like it to appear on the brick, and any input errors become the responsibility of the donor.  And because orders are made directly to Fundraising Brick through our secure online portal, your organization no longer needs to worry about inputting brick engraving information. Last but not least, the online ordering system provides you, as the campaign manager, a way to manage your organization’s fundraising efforts through the website.  With the ability to track purchases as they happen, you’ll always know exactly where you stand versus your fundraising goal.

Online ordering through Fundraising Brick means the entire process is simplified.  Donors are quickly able to view the options available to them and can easily make a purchase to support your organization.  Meanwhile, fundraising managers can readily manage the back-end of the campaign and no longer need to spend inordinate amounts of time on data input, payment collections and donation tracking, meaning they can spend their time actually selling bricks and maximizing your organization’s fundraising potential.

Are you ready to experience hassle free fundraising?  Check out our Online Ordering Guide or feel free to view a sample page of our current brick and tile campaigns. Online Order Page Sample 1Online Order Page Sample 2Online Order Page Sample 3Online Order Page Sample 4Online Order Page Sample 5. We are confident that once you see what we have to offer, you’ll understand the Fundraising Brick advantage.

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