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Fundraising Brick Calculators

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Use our profit calculator to determine your projected profit that is calculated based on your sell price to donors, minus the actual cost of the engraved bricks or tiles. Bricks or tile installation costs are not included in this calculation. Actual engraving costs may vary slightly since engraving price is based on the quantity of bricks or tiles ordered.

Use our brick estimator to determine how many bricks you will need to sell to fill your installation area. This is only an estimate, not an exact number of bricks required. You will need to contact your contractor to determine the exact number of bricks required to fill your installation area. Contact Fundraising Brick for additional assistance. 

Let Fundraising Brick help you succeed!  As with any business venture, where you set the price for your goods can have a significant impact on your net earnings.  Set the price too low, and you’re likely to get lots of buyers, but it will require significantly more work to achieve your profit goals.  Set the price too high, and your margin on each item sold will be great, but you’re likely to sell substantially fewer of your product, and you still may not hit your target.  These basic economic principles also apply to your organization’s fundraising brick campaign, and as such, it’s imperative that you give serious consideration to a variety of factors before you finalize the price of the engraved bricks or tiles you will be selling to benefit your organization’s fundraising efforts. 

For many projects we recommend a tiered pricing structure, so that you can offer donors different levels of giving as part of your fundraising campaign, where the most expensive bricks or tiles are located in the center of the installation or in a location with particular prominence on your site.  This strategy ensures that your most basic brick is affordable to your core donor base, yet still gives higher contribution options (generally with some added perks such as larger bricks and/or distinct placement in your fundraising brick structure) to those who wish to give above the baseline amount and provide your organization with a significant financial boost.

At Fundraising Brick we have extensive experience in all aspects of brick and tile campaigns.  From the early stages of planning – including, but not limited to brick pricing and concept design – through the fundraising and installation phases, we are here to assist you and help ensure your buy a brick or tile fundraising campaign is a success.  Our fundraising experts have decades of experience and are happy to help you determine an optimal pricing range for your unique project, based on your fundraising goals, the desired scope of the brick or tile installation and your past contribution campaign experiences.  Take a look at the chart below to see how quickly your profits can increase with engraved bricks!

Projected profit has been calculated based on your sell price to donors minus the actual cost of the engraved brick.  To maximize the dollars you are able to raise, we recommend offering both brick sizes to ensure at least two levels of giving are available to your donors.  If you anticipate donations from businesses, we also recommend a third (higher) level for corporate donors.  Corporate donation bricks can be the same size as individual donation bricks, but may include added benefits, including the inclusion of their logo and/or premium placement within the installation.

Still have questions about what brick pricing strategy is right for your organization?  Complete this form or reach out to our customer service team directly, so we can create a custom plan for you.  We look forward to helping you turn bricks into bucks!

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