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5 Free Fundraising Templates to Inspire Potential Donors

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Planning a fundraiser takes lots of forethought and organization… Fortunately, there is an easy way to simplify any event organizer’s workload: using pre-made fundraising templates! From attracting new donors to improving donor retention to raising awareness about upcoming fundraising events, there are plenty of available templates you can incorporate into your fundraising strategies.

Keep reading to learn more about which could help you better reach your fundraising goals. To receive any of these documents, just complete and submit the form at the bottom of the page. If you need help brainstorming for upcoming initiatives, please visit our page on fundraising ideas to get inspired. For help starting any upcoming event, visit our page on fundraising software to find solutions that make planning events easy.

5 Templates to Help You Raise Money for Your Nonprofit Organization’s Mission

The financial needs of your organization depend on highly successful fundraisers. Using any of our free templates below can help your team get started spreading the word about any upcoming event.

1. Fundraising Flyer Templates & Order Form

What They Are: These documents provide the basic structure you need to design an attractive handout that you can either distribute as a handout at a kick-off event or send through direct mail to your patrons and potential donors.

Why They’re Great: Catch people’s attention right away. We offer options that allow you to create colorful one-page, bi-fold, and tri-fold brochure designs. But that’s not all. We also allow complete customization of images and texts. Your custom pictures can give a visual summary of your project goals and the people you are advocating for.

Customize text to your heart’s content, or you can leave the majority of that work to us. Our flyer templates provide pre-written information about our brick and tile laser-engraving process and can even include a full order form for our brick orders! The majority of the work is done for you with this option, simplifying the planning process for your nonprofit’s fundraising activities. You can then distribute the final version in either print or PDF format, making it perfect for direct mail or online campaigns.

Document Parameters: You can add up to six lines of text and up to 20 characters per line. The key portions to the order form are:

  1. Pricing
  2. Method(s) of payment
  3. Brick lettering options and sizes
  4. Donor inscription and clipart entry
  5. Donor contact information

2. Fundraising Donor Letter Template

What It Is: This document is a sample letter that you can customize with your brick campaign details and goals. It’s a simple yet effective way to reach your targeted audience.

Why It’s Great: Customization is key with our fundraising letter templates. Add your organization’s logo, print onto existing letterhead, and add text describing your fundraising campaign’s goals to inspire potential donors to give to your organization.

3. Fundraising Poster Templates

What They Are: These options provide the basic structure you need to design an attractive, colorful poster.

Why They’re Great: Customize these documents with your own images to inspire patrons to donate to your cause. Mail or hand them out—either way, they will be sure to catch eyes and draw attention to your fundraising efforts.

4. Fundraising Press Release Template

What It Is: This option lets you spread the word to potential donors about your event, its goals, and what your nonprofit organization is all about.

Why It’s Great: Customize this press release template for your own engraved brick project to advertise for your next big event. Outreach has never been easier; send to local newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio, and any other local publications!

5. Campaign Sales Video Templates

What They Are: Campaign sales videos are informational videos that explain something to your target audience. These videos are a perfect and unique way for you to spread the word about your brick or tile campaign.

Why They’re Great: Social media and advertisements in online spaces can reach audiences quickly and easily. We just made that online outreach easier with our campaign sales video templates. You can easily customize and share them on social media to let audiences know all about your next fundraising brick event. You choose your style and let Fundraising Brick go to work by customizing your very own campaign sales template at no additional cost. Yes that is right… We customize these videos for FREE!

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