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Fundraising for Sports Teams

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From little league programs to the high school level, from collegiate leagues to multi-billion dollar professional franchises, the lifeblood of any successful sports team is fan support.

The best sports fans stand by their teams through thick and thin, through winning and losing seasons, through sunshine, freezing rain, and anything in-between. True fans show up wearing team colors every game day, and sometimes that means painting faces or other body parts.

In the same breath, it must be noted that fans must never be underestimated, and so it’s always a good idea to acknowledge and honor them whenever possible. Hold a fan appreciation day during the season. Give them shoutouts on social media. Let them run the bases, shoot a half-court shot, or kick a field goal before or after a game.

Even better, think of different sports fundraising ideas that will create a reciprocal benefit for your team and its fanbase: You show your fans the same level of devotion while allowing them to support your organization financially. Fundraising events are held for schools, churches, and social clubs, so why not sports teams?

There certainly is no shortage of ideas to help you meet your fundraising goals. We’ve all attended golf tournaments, walkathons, raffles, car washes, and so on. But one way of raising money that has steadily gained popularity among the sports community is brick fundraising, in which those who donate can have their names and a custom message laser-etched into the face of a brick.

The result? You raise money for you and your team members, and your fans have their loyalty memorialized that can be associated with your team forever.

Why Use Bricks for Sports Team Fundraising?

Here are some more detailed reasons for using bricks to raise money for your team:

Engraved bricks and pavers can be easily incorporated into the gameday experience

No matter the architecture, design, or size of your team’s stadium or playing field, bricks can be used to enhance the fan experience for games. Many teams at all levels have begun to raise money by holding fundraisers that allow fans — and even well-known former players — to etch their names into bricks that are then used to create walkways, walls, and the like that are part of or surround stadiums, fields, arenas, etc. Use our brick installation layout guide for inspiration.

Engraved bricks encourage high rates of fan participation

Because of all the ways that fundraiser bricks can be personalized, donors of all ages can relate to them. You can offer design options that encourage former players, season ticket holders, and even family members to sponsor bricks. Bricks for your sports fundraiser also appeal greatly to local businesses, which will likely jump at the chance to donate to your team in exchange for what becomes highly visible advertising with no expiration date. Download our fundraising presentation to launch your campaign.

Engraved bricks make the progress of a team fundraiser very measurable

Using bricks in a fundraiser to build something tangible allows you to see literal progress in real-time. The phrase “brick by brick” becomes than just a motto as you’ll be able to see the exact difference each donation makes in accomplishing your fundraising goals.

Engraved bricks last a lifetime (just like your fandom)

A major upgrade from outdated methods such as sandblasting and pantographing, fundraising bricks are etched using laser technology, which creates permanent markings on the face of the brick. Older techniques produce only superficial markings that erode over time. Find out more about the science behind engraved bricks for your next team fundraising event.

Examples of How You Can Use Bricks to Raise Money for Your Team

  • Purchase new uniforms and water bottles for your volleyball team with the funds that were raised by bricks used to build a new walkway into the gymnasium
  • Hit a home run and supply your baseball team with new gloves, bats, and balls by building a memorial wall consisting of bricks featuring the names of devoted fans
  • Cover the travel expenses of your cheerleading troupe’s trip to a national competition with the revenue generated by bricks used to construct a new entrance way to your campus
  • Raise funds to buy members of your softball team new cleats using bricks that will be donated to build a new concession stand outside the stadium
  • Finally afford a more breathable get-up for your team mascot by building a new paver patio outside of your high school using donated bricks

So how do you ensure that your engraved brick fundraiser will score winning points with donors?

Just as teams rely on high-performing players who commit fully to each game, your fundraising committee should draft a winning company that commits fully to every project. At Fundraising Brick, we’re proud to be in the winner’s circle — and we have the stats to back it up! See what our wonderful superfans have to say about Fundraising Brick’s performance.

Why Choose Fundraising Brick for Team Fundraising Needs?

We think you’ll agree that we really hit it out of the park.

See below for what we have to offer:

  • Large number of size options and layout patterns that would work perfectly with individual inscriptions and company advertising.
  • Ability to apply just about any design, font, clipart, and logo to create customized artifacts
  • Create highly public symbols that sports fans, their families, and their friends can take pride in every time they attend a game
  • In-house experts that give you the knowledge you need to get out there and fundraise
  • Championship materials that ensure your brick stands the test of time

At Fundraising Brick, we give your donors, sports teams, and fundraising committee every reason to cheer. We don’t play in the amateur leagues; we aim for excellence and achieve it thanks to our years of expertise and our advanced laser technology.

Start racking up points — and donations — for an all-star brick fundraiser. With Fundraising Brick, success is assured. Give us a call at 1-855-BRICKS4U. Our fundraising experts can outline some winning strategies that will inspire super fans to become super donors.

Check out all our great fundraising packetstips, ideas, and other fundraiser resources. From marketing assistance to ordering and re-ordering support, we go the whole nine yards.

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