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Sports Teams

Any sports team, whether local, national, school, club, or professional, would agree that a key factor in team success is the love you get from your superfans. Those are the fans that are with you through thick and thin, through winning and not-so-winning seasons. Rain or shine, true fans show up wearing the team colors to cheer you on. Honor your fans by dedicating a wall in your stadium, arena, gymnasium, or field that recognizes their unconditional love and support.

A laser engraved brick or tile wall installation or pathway can send the message that fans are the foundation of your organization. Laser engraved bricks for sports teams can also provide fans with ways to express their support. For small business or corporate sponsors, donor recognition bricks and other brick fundraising structures serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it raises the profile of the sponsor as a direct contributor to the team, its community, and by extension, its fans. It also makes fans more likely to identify with the sponsor, and therefore show interest in its products and services.

So how do you ensure that your engraved brick fundraiser will score winning points with donors? Just as teams rely on high-performing players who commit fully to each game, your fundraising committee should draft a winning company that commits fully to every project. At Fundraising Brick, we’re proud to be in the winner’s circle—and we have “the stats” to back it up! See what our wonderful superfans have to say about Fundraising Brick’s performance.

We think you’ll agree that we really hit it out of the park. Not only do we produce superior laser engraved brick tiles. We also have many size options and layout patterns that would work perfectly with individual inscriptions and company advertising. Thanks to our advanced laser capabilities, we can apply just about any designs, fonts, clipart and logos on the bricks and tiles to create customized artifacts. Unlike sports memorabilia that sits at home on a shelf, engraved bricks for sports teams are a highly public symbol that sports fans, their families, and their friends can take pride in every time they attend a game.

Like a great team coach, our in-house experts can also provide you with the knowledge you need to get out there and fundraise. Check out all our great fundraising packetstips, ideas, and other fundraiser resources. From marketing assistance to ordering and re-ordering support, we go the whole nine yards.

Championship fundraising also depends on championship materials. At Fundraising Brick, we give your donors, sports teams, and fundraising committee every reason to cheer. You see, we don’t play in the amateur leagues when it comes to producing engraved bricks. We aim for excellence and we achieve it thanks to our years of expertise and our use of advanced laser technology. Don’t settle for lookalikes that use inferior etching methods like sandblasting. Those looks won’t last and we have the science to prove it. See for yourself. Go for the gold by choosing laser engraved bricks that will last a lifetime.

Start racking up points—and donations—for an all-star brick fundraiser. With Fundraising Brick, success is assured. Give us a call at 1-855-BRICKS4U. Our fundraising experts can outline some winning strategies that will inspire super fans to become super donors.