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Free Marketing Assistance for Your Brick Fundraiser

Free Marketing Assistance for Your Brick Fundraiser2022-06-21T12:13:10-05:00

We’ll help attract and persuade supporters to donate to your campaign free of charge.

You have a great brick fundraising idea. But without engaging donors, you’ll have a difficult time meeting your fundraising goals. Looking beyond your loyal supporters—who are likely to donate the moment you announce your campaign—you need to motivate potential donors to engage with your campaign.

That’s where our free marketing assistance comes in. At Fundraising Brick, we will arm you with the marketing tools you need to have a successful fundraising campaign and meet (or exceed!) your goals.

From helping you attract and acquire the most qualified donors to keeping your contribution base excited about the project throughout the fundraising and production phases of the project, the team at Fundraising Brick is here to help you achieve and exceed your goals.

We offer a wide variety of advertising and marketing materials that will help you inform potential donors, promote your organization’s fundraising goals and maintain overall enthusiasm about your project.

Here are some marketing services we’ll provide to your organization for FREE:

  • A custom page on our site just for your fundraiser

    Every organization that signs up for our easy to use fundraising portal will have a landing page optimized to improve the donor experience and allow your supporters to make secure online donations.

  • Social media promotion to attract new donors

    We will help your fundraising campaign reach a much wider audience by promoting your donor website through the Fundraising Brick social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Pledge sign up forms

    Get donors to commit to specific levels of contribution to support your fundraising brick or tile project in advance of the official launch of the campaign.

  • Brochures, flyers and mailers to get the word out

    We will design print marketing materials, such as fundraiser flyers, to distribute to your supporters and potential donors—whether you’re handing these out in person or mailing them to someone’s residence, a high impact full color solicitation is sure to garner attention and increase total donations.

  • Persuasive letters to potential donors

    Reach out to donors with a persuasive message about why they should contribute to your cause.  With a personalized touch, we can help ensure that a high percentage of your donor base say “yes” to giving during your fundraising brick campaign.

  • Radio and television scripts for your campaign

    A compelling pitch on TV or radio is sometimes the best way to capture the attention of potential donors.

Not only do we provide you with these resources free of charge, but we are able to help you customize our marketing collateral templates with your organization’s logos, pictures, mission and vision statements, etc. so they work best for you.

Contact us to find out more about how our recognition marketing program can help you attract new donors with ease today.

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