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Brick and Tile Maintenance

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Cleaning Tips
1. Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle attachment to wash laser engraved paving stones or tiles. Routine cleaning will keep the paving stones and tiles looking nice and will prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded in the bricks and tiles. Fundraising Brick recommends that you clean your installation site two times per year at a minimum. This will help to prevent dirt, mold, and grime build up and will keep your installation site looking new.

2. For sand jointed applications, Belden Brick recommends using a dry, fiber brush to clean this product. For mortared applications the bucket and brush cleaning method is recommended. DO NOT PRESSURE OR POWER WASH THE BRICKS, IT CAN BURN A STRIP WITH THE WASHER ON THE PAVER. For specific stain removal, contact The Belden Brick Company

3. If you are unable to remove dirt, grime, stains, excess mortar on the engraved brick with the two methods listed above, you may use one of these general purpose cleaners listed below. Prior to using any of these manufacturer recommended chemicals please visit beldenbrick.com to see which chemical should be used on your specific brick shade.  NOTE: Each Belden brick color has a different recommended cleaner from the manufacture. For installation instructions and additional resources please visit The Brick Industry Association.

Note: If you used Polymeric Sand or sand sealer and it gets on the face of the brick, it will not come off. It has to wear off over time.

Always perform a small test area prior to using any of these cleaning chemicals.





Sure-Klean 600 (PDF)

Sure-Klean 101 Lime Solvent (PDF)

Sure-Klean Vana-Trol (PDF)

EaCo Chem NMD 80 (PDF)

Safety Klean (PDF)

NOTE:  Fundraising Brick provides the above information in order to facilitate customers’ cleaning of engraved bricks and stones, but notes that, in any event, such bricks should always be cleaned in accordance with the specifications and instructions of the brick manufacturer (such as Belden Brick).  By providing such information, Fundraising Brick in no way assumes liability for bricks improperly cleaned or for damage caused to bricks by various cleaning agents or apparatuses, whether or not in accordance with the brick manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.

Care during winter months:

Snow should be removed by mechanical means not with any type of de-icing chemicals. Power brushing is particularly good because there is little or no metal to paver contact.

If you use a snow blower make sure that the steel guide pads at the mouth of the snow blower are coated with rubber to reduce the possibility of damage when the guides hit and raised or pavers or tiles.

Shovels are fine to use for snow and ice removal. DO NOT use Ice scrapers they do damage laser engraved clay pavers and tiles.

Ice is best removed from laser engraved pavers and tiles by spreading sand on the surface of the pavement. Salts such as magnesium chloride, can be mixed with sand to speed melting. Calcium chloride causes deterioration over time.

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