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Laser Engraving vs. Sandblasting

Which is better for brick etching, sandblasting or laser engraving? Take a closer look at the history and process of sandblasting, then see for yourself how sandblasting compares with laser engraving. Both processes involve the use of a brick engraving machine, but as you’ll see, the difference in quality is dramatic!

Sandblasting was first patented in the late 1900s and has been used in many industries ever since. In this multi-step process, a stencil is created and applied to the brick. The brick is then placed in a chamber where an abrasive material is shot out of a high-powered machine to “blast” away portions of brick material. This creates a deep crevice that is later filled with a contrasting epoxy or paint to make the mark stand out against the brick’s surface.

The new sandblasted brick looks fine—at first. Initially, the design and lettering is distinct; the contrasting epoxy-filled mark stands out against the surface. However, the filler soon begins to deteriorate, often after just a season’s worth of exposure to the weather. Even when used in indoor installation, sandblasted brick does not age well. In time, exposure to the drying effects of a building’s heating and ventilation system degrade the filler material.

Sandblasted Engraving After One Year:

As you can see, that once beautiful sandblasted brick gradually loses its epoxy or paint filler. What’s left is only the deep groove, making the design unclear and the message difficult to read. Dirt gets embedded in the now exposed crevices that sandblasting has created. Just cleaning out the dirty brick crevices takes added labor, time, and expense. Meanwhile, the exposed lettering and design can become a hazard for people who wear high-heeled shoes or who use assistive walking devices.  As all these disadvantages prove, sandblasting is not permanent, and is therefore unsuitable for your fundraiser.

Eliminate all of these issues. Choose laser engraving, the permanent brick and tile marking solution! Click here to view our brick durability standards.

Laser Engraving After Ten Years:

The difference is clear—bricks etched by laser are far more durable. Our laser engraved bricks are also safer than sandblasted bricks. By using our unique laser engraving technologies, we skillfully guide brick engraving machines through a process called Laser Vitrification. During this Vitrification, the laser directs an intensely hot beam onto the brick’s surface. This changes the composition of the clay into a dark, glass-like mark that stands out on the engraved brick or etched tile. So when customers explore all our creative options for adding clipart, artwork, custom graphics, logos, signatures, depictions and fonts to their custom engraved brick or tile, they can do so with confidence, knowing that their choices will endure.

Brick etching by laser lasts a lifetime. Choose laser engraving instead of sandblasting and you will be guaranteed a superior product. Contact us today at 1-855-BRICKS4U to speak to a member of our team. Let’s get started on a project that is sure to last.