laser engraved brick wall for zooWith hundreds of fully accredited zoos in 47 states and a combined zoo animal population in excess of 800,000,  it’s clear that American zoos generate great interest. In fact, more than 175 million people visit zoos across the U.S. every year, a figure that rivals attendance at major sporting events.

However, zoos cannot sustain their operating budgets on ticket sales alone. Over the years, fundraising for zoos has become increasingly critical. While some zoos are eligible for federal, state, or municipal funding, governmental monies are not as abundant as they used to be. Some zoos may be funded in part by donations from zoological societies, but in all cases the contributions of the public remain essential.

It’s undeniable that a zoo’s fundraising committee is critical to sustaining the facilities, animals, research, and livelihoods that are part of these places that provide both enjoyment and education. The need to fundraise at a time when so many different groups are competing for donor dollars means that only the most effective fundraising ideas will do.

To carry out a successful campaign, your campaign must

  • Connect in a meaningful way with people who value the zoo.
  • Achieve profitability to balance the effort put into it with the desired objective.
  • Be designed for long-term sustainability, so that previous donors can renew contributions and new donors can be added to the effort.

engraved brick wall at new zooAn engraved brick fundraising event meets these requirements on all points. Indeed, brick paver fundraisers are particularly suited to zoos. For example, brick pavers can be designed not only to show the names of donors, but also to depict a favorite zoo animal. This makes it easier for your fundraisers to engage the interest of families. It also ensures that your brick pavers can be incorporated into an attractive installation at the designated zoo site. You can even use themed brick pavers to inspire donors to form “Adopt-a-Zoo-Animal” teams and encourage a little friendly competition!

clipart engraved on a brickWhatever your creative plans and your targeted donation amounts are, Fundraising Brick can assist you in developing a successful brick paver fundraiser. As an expert in laser brick engraving, we specialize in partnering with organizations with a common objective: attracting donor support for worthy causes.

We start with an uncompromising commitment to quality by producing bricks of such a high standard that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee. Then we work with you on the creative design. Choose from an extensive array of sizes, shadespatterns, and designs. We also produce highly durable bricks and can demonstrate the superiority of our laser engraving method.

The benefits of choosing Fundraising Brick don’t stop there.  For more than 15 years, we have been providing a wide range of production, marketing, and fundraising advisory services.  Start a fundraising campaign that will benefit the zoo, delight visitors, and recognize your donors. Call one of the fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-958-0516) and get started on your zoo’s fundraiser today!

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