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Bricks Sizes and Shades

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Making your engraved brick represent you and your donors is a Fundraising Brick specialty! Our offering of brick and tile styles, colors, and sizes will help ensure that your brick or tile represent your personality.

Custom engraved bricks are the perfect way for an organization to raise funds, while giving donors the opportunity to be publicly recognized for their contributions.  In turn, donors can opt to display their name, memorialize the life of a loved one or even just celebrate a milestone occasion (including birthdays, weddings and anniversaries) of someone special.  But fundraising bricks aren’t just for fundraising anymore!  They can also be used as gifts and are a great way to preserve or replicate a child’s artwork.

Whether you’re designing a public structure, such as a walkway, wall or plaza for your organization, or you’re creating something for the community as a whole (such as a memorial or tribute) or you’re looking to design something more personal at home, Fundraising Brick has the knowledge and expertise to help you customize your tile or brick project and ensure it’s enjoyed for years to come. Calculate how many brick or tiles you need for you engraved brick project and your projected profits by using our brick calculators.

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Belden Bricks are the recommended paver. Whitacre Greer and Pine Hall bricks are available upon request. 

Admiral Red

bricks for fundraising

Admiral Full Range

fundraiser bricks

Light House Grey

Landmark Grey

engraved bricks


fundraising brick

Nutmeg Full Range

brick fundraising campaign

Regimental Red

laser marking bricks

Regimental Red Full Range

laser marked bricks


Full size replica bricks are available in all sizes and can be shipped directly to your donors by Fundraising Brick. They are offered with adhesive rubber feet that adhere to the bottom of the brick to prevent scratching. They are available with an acrylic display case and base. Contact Fundraising Brick for replica shipping and acrylic display case cost. In addition to full size replica bricks, we offer mini replica brick. They are offered with felt backing so your donors can proudly display them to show their generosity.

Comparison of our standard size bricks and the mini bricks.

As you begin to plan your fundraising brick project, let one of our experienced designers help you create your masterpiece.  Our design team will work with you to customize a brick or tile installation design that will encompass your vision and your organization’s message. We have designed brick and tile installations for sidewalks, gardens, walls and a multitude of other structures, both indoors and outdoors. Our staff can assist you with a design concept and layout for your engraved bricks or tiles, and help you create a master plan that will ensure your brick fundraising project is not only a great success, but is also a beautiful structure that will  be admired for years to come.  Let us show you the Fundraising Brick advantage.

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