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Veterans Memorials

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Fundraise with Veterans Memorial Bricks
For our beloved veterans, what better way is there to honor their courage and sacrifice than a permanent tribute in the form of a commemorative brick memorial? Like our soldiers, a brick memorial is built to stand the test of time. Our veteran memorial bricks will always be there as a symbol of respect for those that protect the United States of America, including those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Benefits of A Memorial Brick Fundraiser for American Veterans

This installation is meant to honor veterans and current service members as well as comfort and inspire their family members and other loved ones. With a structure of this much importance to so many people, it is crucial to secure enough funding for the project, which is not always a simple task.

Unless you partner with us.

We do everything within our power to support your fundraising effort. 15 years of experience with brick pavers, expertise in crafting and engraving commemorative bricks, and a plethora of online resources make us the ideal team to help you take your veterans memorial from concept to completion.


8 Reasons Fundraising Brick Can Commemorate Service Members

Fundraising Brick has been in the brick fundraising industry for years. That time has given us the insight and knowledge needed to provide our veterans, fallen soldiers, and active service members with memorials that give their courage and sacrifice justice.

When you partner with Fundraising Brick, you can count on quality and care throughout the entire fundraising process, from start to finish.

Not convinced? Here are 8 great reasons to partner with us:

  1. Superior engraving process. Our pavers are committed to high-quality products. They use a perfected laser-engraving process to create bricks that last a lifetime. Compared to sandblasting, laser engraving creates a more vibrant inscription and is guaranteed to last longer.
  2. High-quality products. All of the materials we use are tested for extreme heat and cold, salt exposure, and exposure to UV rays. Rest assured that the products that go into your veterans memorial will not fade or deteriorate.
  3. Lifetime guarantee. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all commemorative, laser-engraved bricks. If for any reason your brick or tile is unsatisfactory to you, we will replace it.
  4. Completely customizable. All our bricks and tiles are customizable, so your donors can commemorate our armed service members the way they see fit. Our order forms allow donors to customize multiple lines of text in a variety of fonts, and they can even include clipart and other images to complete their memorial bricks.
  5. Perfect for any occasion. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, World War II V-Day, or just any day is a great day to host your memorial brick fundraiser.
  6. Brick sales keep your organization running. Brick orders raise funds for your non-profit organization.
  7. Bricks and tiles make for stunning memorials. Buy-a-brick programs create stunning memorial walkways in veterans memorial parks or other prominent public locations.
  8. We offer free resources to ensure success. Free video templates, a fundraising thermometer, creation of donor web pages, and more are all free for you to use.

Discover all of the ways that we can support your efforts, from helping you find the precise size, shade, and pattern of brick for each donation level to providing you with advice and resources for brick fundraiser marketing and online ordering.

To learn more about how Fundraising Brick can help you run the most effective veteran memorial brick fundraiser, give us a call at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-958-0516) or click here to tell us about your project.

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