Your non-profit organization is ready to throw its greatest fundraising event ever — you just need to get the word out about it first. Call us old-fashioned, but we think one of the best ways to reach new audiences is with a compelling poster.

That said, we know how busy you are and that creating appealing event flyers can be time-consuming. That is why we designed poster templates to make your life easier. You can create the design that will generate buzz about your upcoming charity event in just minutes, all without having to deal with photoshopping apps like Adobe.

Sample Fundraising Poster Design Templates

When you partner with us to create your very own fundraising brick campaign, you’ll get access to our library of free templates, designs, and other resources to ensure your event’s success.

Best of all, our templates are completely customizable. You choose the unique text, graphic design, fonts, headers, and clip art that encompasses your organization’s spirit while attracting potential donors. You can also choose the format for these templates to make distribution a breeze: JPG, PNG, PDF, or Word Doc.

Just take a look at some of the templates we offer below!

Example 1

This donation poster has it all:

  • Space to explain the brick fundraiser to your audience;
  • Easily identifiable ways to order bricks with contact information, a QR code, and link to our website;
  • An attractive layout;
  • And room for your logo and an image of a sample brick, so people visualize what their very own brick could look like.

If you want something simple, easy, and effective, it’s hard to top this template.

Example 2

This charity poster example allows your audience to see two separate engraved tile samples and ordering deadlines at a glance. There is also plenty of space for you to add customizable text toward the bottom of the page. Although, you can also just fill in your organization’s specific information and leave the text we have written as-is. The choice is yours!

Example 3

This donation flyer is light on text, relying more on visuals to appeal to your audience. With this unique design, you can show your audience the various tile options your campaign offers at a glance. Then, they can quickly learn more information by simply scanning the QR code.

Of course, these designs are just a sampling of what we offer.

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