Donor Letter Templates – Examples & Tips to Inspire Donors

Fundraiser event type picked? Check. Date set? Check. Venue secured? Check. Event promotion…?

Don’t forget one of the most important steps when planning a fundraiser: Letting people know that a fundraiser is coming!

Most people are willing to give to charities, so tapping into that generosity to support your nonprofit’s cause won’t be too difficult when you use a well-crafted letter to ask for donations. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, don’t worry. You can still craft a sympathetic letter to attract donations and support your organization’s charitable goals.

It’s easy when you use one of our donor letter templates. Customize them to fit your brand, then send them to prospective donors for your next fundraising event in direct mail, email, social media, and other types of online fundraising campaigns. The choice is yours!

Sample Donation Letter Templates

Donation request letters can increase response rates and help you achieve your fundraising goals – when you use them correctly. If you partner with us, you will have access to our FREE donor letter templates that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Just look at how some of our past partners have used our templates to reach their fundraising goals! Then, fill out the form below to receive any of our fundraiser templates, all at no cost to you.

Example 1 – General & Corporate Donation Letter Templates

Franklin Lodge No. 57 altered our template to request both corporate donations and general donations. By writing to two different audiences, Lodge No. 57 reached a wider range of prospective donors and was better able to use language in each letter that each audience would respond to best.

Example 2 – School Fundraising Letter Template

Our template allows you to include hyperlinks in your donation appeal letters. That is how Washington High School was able to use our template to craft a donation appeal letter that they used in online fundraising campaigns. By using a hyperlink in their letter, WHS made the donation process incredibly easy. And the easier it is to donate, the more likely it is that someone will donate in the first place.

Example 3 – Thank You Letter Template

Stray Rescue of St. Louis used our templates to craft these thank you letters to thank their patrons for their kind donations. These letters (and the included gifts) help donors know just how valued they are and how their donations are being used to improve the lives of stray animals – all of which can make people feel more sympathetic to your cause and increase the odds that they donate to your nonprofit organization again in the future.

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