While library usage in the United States remains high—55% of Americans age 16 years and older access library services every year—library fundraisers have become an increasing necessity. Whether due to budget cuts, reallocations of funding, or the added costs associated with technology upgrades, more and more patrons are answering the call to show personal support for their libraries by making donations.

One of the best ways to generate donations to libraries is through the use of donor recognition bricks.

This encourages a greater number of people to participate, provides visible proof of support, and strengthens a sense of community.

Another advantage of engraved brick and tile fundraising is that it can be adapted to make the most the of elements that are unique to your project. For a library fundraiser, donor recognition bricks can also be used to celebrate popular book titles and author names. This in turn gives you yet another way to interest donors in contributing to your project. Engraved brick pavers that recognize donors are also a great way to add a useful structural element to a library, such as a courtyard patio or garden wall.

As you plan for your organization’s funding needs, be sure that you perform the most important steps “by the book”:

• Spell out your goals for the project, if possible in writing, and confirm that everyone on your fundraising committee shares that understanding.
• Determine how much money you need to raise.
• Decide whether  this is a one-time or ongoing fundraiser.
• Explore the wide variety of brick sizes and shades  as well as the many brick designs that we offer.
• Take advantage of all the online resources that we offer, including our Fundraising Tips and IdeasFrequently Asked Questions, and our handy Projected Profit Calculations.
• Discover all the services that Fundraising Brick has to offer, including Marketing Assistance and Installation Layout Design.

Fundraising Brick works hard to achieve the highest possible standards of durability. We also stand behind the quality of our workmanship. Our laser engraving process is particularly impressive—in fact, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We help groups who wish to raise just a few thousand dollars, and groups who need to generate several hundred thousand in donations! Likewise, we support fundraising for one-time projects and fundraising designed to supplement an operating budget. When annual recurring donations are a factor, we can help with that too. We’ll coordinate brick or tile re-orders to ensure that repeated ordering periods are available for your supporters and donors.

The beauty of donor recognition bricks can transform a library into a distinctive community landmark. Fundraising Brick combines expert craftsmanship with fundraising know-how to provide you with the most comprehensive resource available. Call our fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-958-0516) or contact us online to tell us about your project. Let’s turn your fundraiser into the next great chapter in the history of your library!

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