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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Plan Effective Engravable Bricks Fundraising

Are you part of a new committee that has been charged with coordinating a brick or tile fundraiser? Are you wondering if engravable brick fundraising works? Fundraising Brick can help! We’ve compiled a list of the questions that most often arise during planning stages. We also offer some tried and true solutions, based on our experiences over the years. Of course, these suggestions are just that—suggestions intended to stimulate discussion among committee members so that you can agree on the approach you like best and achieve the most successful fundraising campaign possible.

Q. Who will be our Campaign Manager or Project Leader?

A. There should be only one contact working with the brick engraving vendor.

Q. How much money do we need to fundraise?

A. This will depend on how large your project is and how long it will continue.

Q. What costs will be associated with this fundraiser?

A. You must think through all possible costs that will incur with the brick or tile campaign, from start to finish. These figures will be used to calculate how much to charge for the bricks or tiles.

Q. Who will design our project and is it large enough to raise the funds we need?

A. Do you have access to an architect, a landscape designer or someone who knows CAD software? Would they be willing to donate their time?

Q.  How do I calculate how many laser engraved bricks and blanks that I need?

A. If you are using 4” x 8” bricks, you will need approximately 4.25 bricks for one square-foot of space. Calculate length times width (L X W) to obtain total square footage.

Q.  Where do I purchase the blank bricks?

A. Your purchase of the blanks (used to fill in space and/or as part of the non-engraved design) will be made through Belden Brick in Ohio. We will provide you the Belden distributor’s name so you can purchase your blanks from them. Your purchase of the laser engraved bricks will be through Fundraising Brick.  While we do provide blank bricks, we recommend that you use a local distributor in order to save you money for your project.

Q.  Do we have sufficient space or ground that is available for the end product?

A. Depending on the type of project you have in mind, check with the appropriate people for any special permits that you might need.

Q.   Do we want to create an engraved brick walkway, a memorial garden or a wall?

A. From past experience, creating a walkway with our beautiful laser engraved bricks is more straightforward and cost-effective than a wall. However, your team’s decision about the end product will need to reflect what is possible and will make the most sense in the space that you have available.

Q. What shade of bricks do we want to use?

A. There are so many shades available today! Mixing and alternating different shades of brick can result in a truly unique and gorgeous design. All of the different shades of brick engrave beautifully.

Q. On what type of base will the laser engraved bricks be laid?

A. Many people start with a sand and gravel base for laying their bricks. At a later date, they may want to mortar them in for a more permanent structure.

Q.  Who will lay the bricks, both the engraved donor bricks and the blanks?

A. Do you have access to a bricklayer that might be willing to donate their time to lay the bricks?

Q.  What type of font do we want on the engraved bricks?

A.  We can direct you to the type of font which suits your style.

Q.  What are the price points we offer to our donors?

A.  It depends on the size of bricks you are planning to use:

  • The 4”x8” with three (3) lines of text (20 characters per line) will cost your organization $18.00-$21.00 each.
  • The suggested donor price is in the $50-$150/brick range.
  • The 8”x8” with six (6) lines of text (20 characters per line) will cost you $30.00-$36.00 each. The suggested donor price is in the $150-$500 range.
  • If you decide to add graphics or logos, you can double the donor prices.
  • We offer a 16”x16” brick array where we split the graphics and engrave it on four (4) bricks to create one large area. Please contact Fundraising Brick for custom pricing and the suggested donor price range.

Q. Who are our donors?

A. Your donors can be members of your organization, community businesses and/or church members.

Q.  How do we sell the bricks?

A. You can sell your bricks by letting us create a customized donor order form that you can send out via an email distribution list. If you have an existing website, you can also sell your bricks online. Fundraising Brick can generate a custom online ordering page at no cost to your fundraising project.  This is a FREE service that we offer to your organization.  Please request additional information about ways to reach your donors.

Q. How much time should I give my donors to place their orders?

A. Typically, you should give donors about 1-2 months for the initial order.  Three months is the maximum recommended time frame for your donors to place their orders.

Q. Should we offer graphics and clipart?

A.  If you offer clipart, you can increase your asking price to earn additional funding for your fundraising project. (Please refer to our price sheet for all costs involved.) We offer one clipart free per brick. We have over 1500 clipart images. • To avoid additional set-up fees, we recommend that all clipart be located in the same location of the brick.

Q.   How do I place my orders with the donor’s text?

A. Once you are ready to place your orders, give us a call and we will email you the correct text documents in which you will type your donor’s text.

Q. How long will it take to receive my laser engraved bricks once the order is placed?

A. Normally, orders under 500 take about two to four (2-3) weeks to receive an order after our receipt of the completed order form. Brick orders are processed and then shipped after payment is received.  For orders over 500 engraved brick you should contact Fundraising Brick for a lead time, as it can take longer to produce larger orders.

Q. Will we offer another phase in 6 months for re-orders?

A. By offering at least two (2) phases of engraved brick ordering per year to your donors, you can greatly increase your bottom line.

Q. How should we conduct our groundbreaking ceremony for donors to view their laser engraved bricks?

A. Issue a press release with the local newspaper and email invitations.

Q. Is the text upper and/or lower case?

A. This is the decision of the fundraising organization. You can have the text all upper case, all lower case, or a combination of both.

Q.  What do the engraved bricks look like?

A. The laser mark has the appearance of a black glass finish—not paint or epoxy, but a permanent laser engraved mark.

Q. What do you mean by a permanent laser mark? Why is the mark permanent?

A. The process is called Laser Vitrification and means that the laser mark has been subjected to the harshest of environments, through independent studies conducted by Industrial Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Q. What is the height of the character?

A. The individual character height for an upper case letter is 15 millimeters. The individual character height for a lower case letter is 11 millimeters. Fundraising Brick also provides our customers with custom size lettering. If you would like to have the letters engraved with a 12 millimeter or 20 millimeter character height, just ask. We can accommodate all of your specific needs.

Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

A. Please verify this with your accountant.

Q.   Is punctuation counted as an additional space?

A. Yes. The spaces between words are also counted since they impact copyfit.

Q.  Which punctuation marks can be inscribed?

A. Commas, quotation marks, ampersands, parenthesis, dash, periods, etc. Fundraising Brick can also engrave special characters for example, the Greek Alphabet, if required for your fundraiser.

Q. Will I receive a certificate of recognition, or can one be sent the person in whose name I am making the donation?

A. Yes, to receive a donor certificate, simply let your sales representative know, or specify on the order form the name that you would like to have printed on the certificate.

Q. What if there is a spelling error in the donor name?

A. It is the responsibility of the donor to spell the name correctly, and the fundraising group’s responsibility to enter the names correctly into the text file documents, which are provided by Fundraising Brick. In an effort to reduce errors, Fundraising Brick can email a copy of the donor name list to the fund raising group for verification, upon request.

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