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Engaging School Fundraising Ideas

Engaging School Fundraising Ideas Students, Teachers & Parents Will Love   Raising money within your school system is an excellent way to rally the student body behind a common cause, raise school spirit and make a material impact on the world. Not only does it get students involved, but the money you raise can have a significant impact on your school's ability to hire, build and expand.  If you are a teacher or PTA member, [...]

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Fundraising During Times of Economic & Social Uncertainty

Times of economic strife and the social anxiety they can breed -- not unlike those caused, most recently, by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic -- are inevitable. But they do not have to be catastrophic, or even detrimental, to your nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts. In fact, you may be surprised by how well your fundraiser can perform during times when logic tells us that donorship levels may be lower than normal. Why Fundraising Is Feasible [...]

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5 ways you can leverage Facebook Live to amp your fundraising efforts Fundraising Brick

It’s not news: Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with people. In fact, Facebook accounts for 20 percent of all pageviews in the United States—that’s a lot of web traffic. What is (relatively) new is that Facebook now allows its users to request donations for most501(c)(3) charities directly from their Facebook Live videos. If in the middle of planning a fundraiser, this should be good news. This means your volunteers and organizers can all post Facebook [...]

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Adoption fundraising ideas – Fundraising Brick

Adoption is expensive. Like more than the down payment on your house expensive. The cost of adoptions—domestic or international—can cost as much as $30-50,000. That’s why many people turn to adoption fundraising to supplement adoption loans and grants. Popular fundraising ideas include garage sales, coffee fundraisers and dinner parties. However, none of these options will bring you much money. You might find yourself falling short of your fundraising goals. And after you’ve asked [...]

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Interested in raising $80,000 for your university fundraiser? We thought so.

Interested in raising $80,000 for your university fundraiser? We thought so. The Ole Miss Athletic Department raised well over $80 grand by selling 500 bricks. Minimal effort and maximum payoff—the recipe for a perfect university fundraiser. So, if your booster club is looking for fundraising ideas, here’s one: sell bricks to students, staff, sports fans and the community. You’ll make far more than you would with a popcorn or bake sale—both of which [...]

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How to save the environment—or, at least, how to host an Earth Day fundraiser Fundraising Brick

How to save the environment—or, at least, how to host an Earth Day fundraiser You want to save the environment, but you’re struggling to come up with Earth Day fundraiser ideas.  Struggle no longer. This comprehensive guide to Earth Day fundraising activities not only gives you ideas for which charities to raise money for but also how to raise the money. Go on and save the environment. Or at least raise some money to save it. [...]

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Jail-N-Bail involves a mock jail set up in a school, at an event/game, a church function, or another high-traffic public area, such as a shopping center, etc. Option #1: Gather as many volunteers as you can to be placed in your mock up jail (between 5 & 50). Each volunteer must sell a certain number of bricks in order to be bailed out. Your organization can set the amount of bricks to be sold for the [...]

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​The Best Way to Reach out to Friends and Family for a successful Brick Fundraiser

The Best Way to Reach out to Friends and Family for a successful Brick Fundraiser Think about your brick fundraising strategy like peeling an onion from the inside out. The best fundraisers start by asking their closest contacts first (the core) and progressively working outward to more distant contacts (the outer skin). Why would you do that? Your closest contacts are the ones most likely to donate, more remote contacts are less like [...]

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The Top Fundraising DOs and DON’Ts

The Top Fundraising DOs and DON'Ts Whether this is your first fundraiser or your hundredth fundraiser, you know one thing—fundraising is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task. There are countless pitfalls to avoid and tons of problems that can occur. So, how on Earth are you going to pull off this upcoming fundraiser? Well, here at Fundraising Brick we have more than 25 years of experience putting on successful fundraisers and we want [...]

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How To Ask For Donations

Schools, community groups, and non-profit organizations all have one thing in common—a shortage of funds. It seems that no matter how many fundraising activities you conduct that there is never enough money available for a group to accomplish all of its goals. Sometimes you will find that what makes the most sense is to ask your supporters for a donation to keep your group afloat. However, asking for donations is not always an [...]

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