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Alumni Project

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With the start of the new school year, school fundraising committees are up and running. Fall sees a flurry of brainstorming and planning of the year’s fundraising events. School alumni are valued donors because of the great pride they feel for having graduated from the institution, which often motivates them to give back. Adding the names of alumni to engraved bricks can therefore drive a highly successful fundraising campaign.

Regardless of the learning institution—college, university, high school, grade school, private, or public—reaching out to alumni is a great way to generate donations. Raising additional funds can help support educational programs, facilitate the purchase of equipment, or even fund an entire department. Coordinating such alumni campaigns can become a school-wide effort, too. Engage the assistance of fraternities, sororities, sport teams, and other campus special interest groups.

So how do you launch your alumni engraved brick fundraiser? Start with a call to Fundraising Brick! With our many years of experience at facilitating successful donor campaigns, we’re “graduates” of the highest degree! Let us help you make your alumni fundraising project a great success.

graduate engraved brick fundraiserAlumni engraved brick project

Pavilion Bricks

We’d welcome the opportunity to help you clarify the goals of your project and show you the quality of our products and services. We can help you answer such key questions as:

  • How much money do you need to raise?
  • What are your critical project goals?
  • Will your campaign be one-time only or ongoing?
  • What kind of brick installation would most appeal to your alumni donors?
  • How should the alumni brick pavers be integrated into the site?

An engraved brick wall or walkway can make an impressive statement. Its visual beauty and the thoughtfulness of its inscriptions can have a lasting impact. Not only does the installation inspire giving, it also becomes a landmark for alumni and their families to visit—all of which can foster a renewal of school ties over many years.

That also suggests why we’re the best source of engraved bricks for alumni. You see, the bricks of our competitors simply aren’t made to last due to their use of sandblasting or other inferior methods. Our bricks, however, are laser engraved, meaning the art and inscriptions won’t fade or come off and the bricks won’t deteriorate. Your alumni represent the best of your learning institute. Don’t they deserve the best donor bricks as well? At Fundraising Brick, that’s just what you get, plus an extensive range of free fundraising services too. Call Fundraising Brick at 1-855-BRICKS4U and talk with our friendly fundraising experts today!

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