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Museum Fundraisers

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Keep local communities engaged, support educational programs, outreach initiatives, pay staff, help curators expand collections, and more with the right museum fundraiser.

Museum Fundraising Events

There is no single best way to reach your fundraising goals. Our advice? Incorporate several methods, like the following, into your fundraising strategy.

Local Sponsorships

Getting sponsorships from local businesses is a great way to build partnerships within your community while also raking in the donations. Many businesses will be happy to support arts and education in exchange for getting a shoutout in your museum or on your organization’s social media accounts.

Patronage Programs/Museum Memberships

Individual donors and corporate sponsors alike can contribute to your successful museum when you establish a patronage program or museum memberships. People will pay money to become museum members, which can come with any array of special privileges, including discounted entry to the museum, a public placard with their name displayed proudly on your museum’s grounds, or something else entirely. It’s up to you!

Dinner Events

Dinner events are classic semi-annual or annual fundraising events for large and small museums alike. The premise is simple: host a formal evening dinner with guest speakers (usually someone prominent in the industry or knowledgeable about your museum’s collections) while collecting donations from attendees during the event.

Donation Boxes

Physical donation boxes are easy ways to collect donations from museum visitors every single day. Simply place secure donation boxes at strategic locations throughout your campus and have an employee or volunteer collect the donations at the end of every day.

Donation Pages

In-person donations are great, but you limit the amount of money you get when you rely on them alone. Establishing a virtual donation page on your museum’s site will allow individuals and organizations to donate to your cause at any time from any location.

Brick Fundraiser

Help people form a personal connection to your museum and get them invested in the future of museums with a brick fundraiser, a special event that can raise interest among the broader community, meaning you reach a wider pool of potential donors.

A brick fundraiser with Fundraising Brick works like this:

Why Choose a Brick Fundraiser?

Museums serve many important functions in society, from educating the public to generating tourism for communities. The American Alliance of Museums estimates that more than 850 million museum visits occur in the U.S. each year. Yet despite that staggering number, most museums remain strongly dependent on donations to fund their programs. If you serve on a museum board or committee that’s seeking the most efficient way to generate donations, consider fundraising with bricks.

Fundraising with engraved bricks for museums makes sense for several reasons. For starters, it allows donors to visibly attest to their support. After all, people love finding their names displayed in a place that has great significance to them. Secondly, with their customizable colors and designs, engraved bricks are easy to integrate into the existing look of a museum, such as walls and walkways.

In addition, a fundraising campaign can link bricks of different sizes to donations of different levels; in other words, more people can participate because there are various price points available. The variable brick sizes also allow for a variety of designs. For example, bigger brick surfaces allow for more lines of inscribed text. Just as virtually all museums use visuals to help tell the story of their collections, fundraising bricks can be engraved with a wide range of art, logos, and other depictions to tell a story at a glance.

The Key to Success

The key to successful fundraising with engraved bricks is to start with the highest quality bricks. Too many companies are willing to market poorly etched bricks to make a quick sale. Unfortunately, these lesser products may look acceptable when new. It isn’t until some time has passed that the defects start to show up.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the process used to mark the bricks. For example, sandblasting, pantographing, and other outdated methods leave marks that look perfectly fine—until erosion sets in (which it soon will). At Fundraising Brick, we don’t use such methods.

Instead, we have pioneered laser-engraving technology on bricks. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that the bricks and their inscriptions will last a lifetime. Long after the sandblasted bricks have become illegible, laser-engraved bricks will still display donors’ names, messages, and graphics with clarity and distinction, especially with proper upkeep.

The last key to successful fundraising with engraved bricks? Working with a company that does more than simply sell you a product. At Fundraising Brick, we’re honored to be a part of so many of the great fundraising efforts across North America. We proudly offer a vast array of fundraising services and resources—at no extra charge.

Raise funds for your museum with confidence, knowing that your installations will last and that you’ll have the benefit of our services every step of the way. Find out all the ways that we can help you create a museum fundraiser that’s engaging, sustainable, and highly successful. Call 1-855-BRICKS4U today.

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