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Fundraising Thermometer Builder

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FREE Fundraising Thermometer to Track Campaign Progress

Goal setting and tracking your fundraising goals are easy when you use our FREE fundraising thermometer.

It’s As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

Here’s how our fundraising thermometer works. (Spoiler: You don’t need to know HTML code or be an expert in graphic design to use it!):

  1. Enter Your Goal and the Amount Collected To Date in the boxes. Select your thermometer color and collection label.
  2. Press the Preview My Thermometer button to customize the fundraising thermometer template’s design.
  3. Right-click on the thermometer image to save to your computer and upload to your website’s fundraising page or embed in your newsletter.

That’s it! (Really!)

Tips on How to Use Fundraising Thermometers

Our easy goal tracker makes it easy for you to get a visual representation of hitting your target goal amounts… which could inspire your donors to act.

Update, Update, Update

Make sure to update your donation thermometer throughout your event to keep track of your fundraising progress. When your group members see that you’re achieving your fundraising goals, they can be inspired to work even harder to make your fundraising efforts successful. Additionally, the more potential donors that see your fundraising thermometer hitting major milestones, the more eager they will be to help your group achieve (and exceed!) your fundraising goals.

Spread the Word

When you revise or update your fundraising thermometer, send an update email to your members and followers each week during the fundraising campaign, along with a link to your fundraising thermometer on your event’s landing page. Followers will see just how much their money has assisted your campaign… and how much more you need to reach your fundraising goals, which can inspire them to act.

Shout Out on Social Media

Have your members post the fundraising thermometer to their Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms midway through your fundraiser and once more around the end so that their friends, family, and followers are motivated to make that final donation so your group can raise the funds you require.

Fundraising with Fundraising Brick

When you want to create a fundraiser that works, try a brick fundraiser. It allows you to set and smash your fundraising goals while your donors get a lasting reminder of their generosity in the form of a high-quality laser-engraved brick or tile. You also get a wide array of resources from us: template libraries, 24/7 support for your campaign, help creating your campaign’s online donation site, and much more!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you start your own brick fundraiser… or simply download our free fundraising thermometer to use for a different campaign of yours. It’s on the house!

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