Fundraising Brick’s laser engraving process is second to none.  Coupled with their dedication to customer service and fundraising success, Fundraising Brick is the industry leader, offering an unrivaled level of products, services and support.

At Fundraising Brick, we provide customers with everything they need to make their next donation campaign a great success.  Whether you’re a new charitable organization looking to kickstart your fundraising endeavors or a well-established institution looking to fund a major capital project, look no further than Fundraising Bricks to help you turn bricks into bucks!

— A letter from the CEO of Fundraising Brick, LLC

Dear Prospective Partner,

Thank you for your interest in Fundraising Brick, the pioneer in laser brick engraving. As you research the exciting possibilities of brick fundraising for your organization, I am certain you will conclude that Fundraising Brick makes the best laser engraved product on the market.  Our bricks and tiles are not only competitively priced, but they come with a lifetime guarantee, because we are so confident in the superior quality of our product.

In addition, my team and I are personally committed to your project’s success, and we’ll do a whole lot more than just sell you the laser engraved bricks and tiles.  At Fundraising Brick, we believe that our customer service and fundraising expertise is what sets us apart from the competition, which is why we provide our customers with extensive fundraising consulting services and specialized marketing ideas to help your organization meet your specific fundraising goals with no upfront costs.

For over 25 years, Fundraising Brick has been partnering with organizations like yours. Working together, we can help you create a fundraising campaign that can be long-term, profitable and is a creative way to spark donations, even in tough economic times. From my personal 25 years of experience in brick fundraising, I have seen engraved brick memorial walkways and installations become increasingly popular for fundraising campaigns because of their elegant appeal, the lasting memories they create and their potential to raise a lot of money.

Laser engraved brick fundraising is a great way to raise money in tough economic times. Now more than ever, companies are looking for creative ways to raise funds for their project needs. Depending on the size of their fundraising campaign, our customers have been able to raise a few thousand dollars for one special project or raise up to hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars for large-scale investments or to supplement an operating budget. The sky is the limit with your team’s creativity, their dedication, your ability to draw upon available resources and, most importantly, partnering with a reliable and experienced brick laser engraving company like Fundraising Brick!

In the end, you will have a gorgeous brick or tile memorial and your donors will have a durable, beautifully laser engraved brick or tile that will be a permanent reminder of your appreciation for them and how valuable they are to the success of your organization.

Best of luck on your fundraiser,

Jennifer Stemmley

CEO-Fundraising Brick, LLC

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