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hospital engraved brick walkway The economic challenges that impact healthcare have made fundraising a necessary part of today’s hospitals. A fundraising committee plays a critical role in the strategic growth of healthcare organizations. If fundraisers for hospitals and other medical facilities are to succeed, they need to be

  • relevant to a sufficient number of donors and sponsors,
  • profitable so that the effort and costs expended don’t defeat the very purpose of fundraising, and
  • engaging so as to inspire repeat donations.

An engraved brick fundraising event satisfies all of the criteria, making it the perfect solution for short- or long-term hospital funding.

Engraved bricks for hospital walls, walkways, or other installations offer some of the most dynamic possibilities for fundraisers. Just consider the possibilities for using bricks to identify medical themes around which donors can organize. For example, some donors may wish to use their bricks to self-identify as survivors, or to express their commitment to finding a specific cure.  Others may wish to add their names to a wall of donors who have contributed to the funding of life-saving medical equipment or the building of a hospital wing.

Just as hospitals follow best practices to maintain the highest standards of care, your fundraising committee will also be reliant on best practices. Fundraising Brick can be your best ally in running an effective campaign. Unlike some companies that merely sell a product, we go the extra mile to assist you in several key aspects of your fundraising efforts. We want you to succeed at bringing attention and donations to your worthy cause, and we offer ample free resources and services to help you.

engraved brick walkwayWe’re equally as committed in our approach to the product. In fact, like today’s medical facilities, we use the latest laser technology. Some other companies still use sandblasting, pantographing, and other imprecise methods to mark their bricks. Such methods are like weak medicines—the effects don’t last long. These cheaply produced bricks look fine at first, but aren’t weather resistant. They won’t pass the test of time. By contrast, our laser engraved bricks offer “a clean bill of health,” as they will retain their shape, color, and clarity for many decades to come.

Call us today and ask about the lifetime guarantee that we provide with each of our engraved bricks and tiles. As you fundraise with engraved bricks for hospital walls or other structures, count on us to help. Speak with our fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U, or contact us online and tell us about your project. Let’s launch your best hospital fundraiser ever!

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