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Creating a Memorial Garden with Brick Fundraising

Creating a Memorial Garden with Brick Fundraising2023-12-15T15:59:34-05:00

Brick fundraisers raise money for your cause while giving donors a long-lasting, laser-engraved brick or tile to commemorate loved ones who have passed. Truly, creating a memorial garden is among the most poignant reasons for holding a brick fundraiser.

memorial garden brick fundraiser

Why Brick Fundraisers are the Perfect Match for Memorial Gardens

With its thoughtful blending of nature and human-made structure, a memorial garden is a beautiful way to honor departed loved ones and comfort the living. The greenery and flowering plants of the garden reassure us that life goes on. Engraved memorial bricks tributes, meanwhile, tell the story of the individuals who made such a difference in the lives of others.

Inspiring donors to give to your garden depends on creating a worthy memorial that will stand the test of time. Donors need to know that the garden will be a peaceful place, a truly fitting tribute to the family members and friends who are being memorialized. It’s also important that your campaign efforts be sustainable, so that donations will continue to come in year after year.

One of the best ways to create a memory garden that will serve as a special place to memorialize departed loved ones and the generosity of the living is to use engraved memorial bricks or tiles for memorial garden stone walls or stepping stone paths.

memorial garden brick fundraising

Partnering with Fundraising Brick for Your Own Memorial Garden

It’s our privilege to craft truly customized elements for your garden that your donors will love and appreciate; a memorial garden constructed with our laser-engraved bricks will create a beautiful tribute in loving memory of the departed for many, many decades to come. Here is how it works.

Your donors will sponsor an engraved memorial brick or tile to be engraved with a touching tribute of their choosing, creating a customized message from an abundance of designs, fonts, and logos for the bricks and tiles. We then use a high-quality laser-engraving process to create each brick before sending the bricks back to you for display in your memorial garden.

Our laser-etching process is permanent and will not come off the brick or tile. In fact, our laser engraving is lifetime guaranteed, meaning that if it defects in any way, we will replace it. It’s not just our laser engraving that stands the test of time, either. Our engraved pavers are made with materials that have been weather tested for freezing temperatures, UV solar rays, and salt spray exposure, so that your tributes last for years and years.

Best of all, our bricks and tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior installations. The only limit to creating your garden is your own imagination. You can place your memorial gifts inside a building or along a garden growing with forget-me-nots, bird feeders, grapevines, and other signs of life outdoors.

Leave the Worry to the Experts

Installations of this importance rely on both personal and public donations. As a member of the planning committee for a memorial brick fundraiser, you have accepted a great responsibility. Fundraising Brick wants to do everything we can to support your efforts.

We have more than 15 years of experience in fundraising with brick pavers. It’s not just our expertise that we offer you, though. We also offer a comprehensive toolkit of online resources to help you make your campaign the best it can be, including a clipart library, templates for donor letters, fundraising flier templates, and much more. Between our expertise at crafting the engraved bricks for fundraising and our online resources for managing successful donor campaigns, we can help you take your memorial garden fundraiser from an inspiring vision to an enduring landmark.

To begin planning your memorial garden brick fundraiser, give us a call or contact us online and tell us about your project. Discover all of the ways that we can support your efforts, from helping you find the precise size, shade, and pattern of brick for each donation level or purpose to providing you with advice and resources for brick fundraiser marketing and ordering.

Call one of our fundraising experts at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-958-0516).

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