How To Ask For Donations

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Schools, community groups, and non-profit organizations all have one thing in common—a shortage of funds. It seems that no matter how many fundraising activities you conduct that there is never enough money available for a group to accomplish all of its goals. Sometimes you will find that what makes the most sense is to ask your supporters for a donation to keep your group afloat. However, asking for donations is not always an easy thing. Here are five techniques that can make the process easier.

Go Online – While some people feel that asking for donations online takes the personal interaction out of the equation, this does not have to be the case. Use a website like GoFundMe or get on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to reach a large audience quickly. You may be surprised by how easy it is to reach people and make a difference.

Make it Fun – Asking for donations does not have to be boring. Why not host a bake sale, yard sale, pet show, silent auction or another fun community event to raise money? At the same time you are doing this, it is easy to plead your case and ask for outright donations too.

Show Results – In many cases, you will find that community members are more willing to say “yes” when they can see the good works you have done. Create a video or online presentation showing some of the amazing things your organization has accomplished through donations. Make sure you provide donation information at the end. Distribute this widely using social media. Who knows, you could go viral.

Ask Someone New – Do you find yourself asking the same people for donations over and over? Perhaps it is time to open your circle a bit. Think outside the box. What about hosting a joint event with another organization. You may be able to boost donations for both groups since you will bring in new and different donors.

Provide Value – Instead of asking for straight donations and offering nothing in return, why not offer your donators something of value? Fundraising Brick , for example, earns a nice profit and provides each donator a commemorative brick that lasts a lifetime—especially if you install it as part of a wall or walkway for your organization.

While asking for donations may never be the most enjoyable part of working with a beloved group, it is vital to your organization’s continued success. The most important thing to remember is that you simply need to be willing to hear no sometimes if you hope to hear yes—so get out there and ask!