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About Our Laser Engraving Process

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Learn how laser engraving works, and why it’s the most durable, environmentally responsible engraving option

For 20 years Fundraising Brick has been laser engraving brick pavers and tiles. Our company developed the cutting-edge laser engraving technology making us the pioneer of the industry to create the most durable, safest and highest-quality engraved bricks in the market. Our laser engraving machines allows for a virtually infinite number of fonts, graphics, custom logos, brick size and brick color combinations.

The laser engraving will last forever – we guarantee it! The engraving, or etching, process is called laser vitrification, or just vitrification for short. The laser directs an intensely hot beam onto the brick’s surface and changes the composition of the clay into a dark, glass-like mark that stands out on the engraved brick or tile. The dark mark resembles volcanic glass and is absolutely gorgeous in natural light.

In addition to the endless design options from our laser technology, brick engraving is a much more durable and a safer method of designing on the brick’s surface.

Here are some of the benefits of our signature laser engraving process:

  • Durability that lasts season after season, year after year
    Brick engraving is a much more durable and a safer method of designing on the brick’s surface. The dark, glossy mark on the engraved brick is permanent and, as a result of the intense laser beam, becomes part of the brick. No portion of the brick is removed, or blasted out, that would compromise the structural integrity of the brick. Nothing additional, like epoxy fillers or paint, are used to fill in the crevices. With even basic exposure to weather elements, the fillers in a non-laser engraved brick’s crevices can dry out, fall out and cause a safety hazard for anyone walking over the brick. Heels or assistive devices can get caught in exposed crevices and cause dangerous falls.
  • Laser engraving: The environmentally responsible engraving option
    In addition to the aesthetic and durability benefits associated with laser engraving, our laser engraving process is also environmentally safe process where the intense heat from the laser beam causes the brick’s material to change into a life-long lasting mark. This ceramic marking becomes part of the brick’s structure and allows us to ensure that any brick we sell remains maintenance free over the life of the brick and your fundraising brick structure. Sandblasting, on the other hand, requires power tools to create a deep crevice in the brick that is then filled with a contrasting epoxy, grout or paint so that writing details are readily visible. The sandblasting and chemical etching processes are riddled with toxic substances and harsh solvents that are potentially caustic to humans and detrimental to our environment over the long term. When you chose to use Fundraising Brick for your next engraved brick project you can rest assured that you’re not only doing great things to benefit your organization, but you’re also choosing the environmentally responsible option.
  • Our lifetime guarantee
    We guarantee that our laser engraving process is far superior to any other engraving or etching process currently on the market. We produce laser engraved bricks that withstand the tests of time and are unharmed by even the harshest weather. To show you how serious we are about our commitment to quality, many of our laser engraved bricks and tiles is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects. To learn more about our specific brick durability standards, click here.

Overall, laser engraving produces a more lasting design that is easy to maintain and the ability for the customer to create a unique and meaningful design is virtually limitless. If you have questions about our patented laser engraving process, please call us at 1-855-BRICKS4U. To top it off, we may be able to help you achieve your financial goals even with our BRICK$ 4 BUCK$ program using our patented laser engraving techniques for both brick and tile.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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