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The Aviation Wing – Legacy Pavilion

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Engraved Brick Order Deadline for Phase 1:  March 31, 2019

For additional options available or special requests, please inquire by calling 770-919-5700 or by emailing .


Reserve Your Spot in Aviation Wing History!

Over 75 years ago, the legacy of aviation in the local area began.  Since then, the story has grown to include several major aviation manufacturers, multiple active and reserve military installations, thousands of veterans, hundreds of thousands of individual stories, and immeasurable impacts all around us.  Today, you can add to it.

Custom engraved bricks are the perfect way to leave your own lasting legacy and help the Aviation Wing grow.  The Aviation Wing is a volunteer-driven facility that operates as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The organization is not publicly funded and relies entirely on the surrounding community for support.

Not only will each brick help to change the physical landscape at the Aviation Wing, but your generous donation will help fund capital improvements, aircraft restoration, educational programming, active-duty military and veteran appreciation, family events, and community outreach.   There are thousands of ways to leave your mark.  Remember a family member, honor a hero, represent your group, or just show your individual support for the local aviation legacy.

The Aviation Wing highlights the impact the aviation industry has had on local culture and shows how aviation catapulted a fairly typical, small, Southern agricultural community into the industrial age and how Cobb County has impacted global events. In development of this facility, the staff seeks to interest America’s youth in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines through exposure to the science and physics of aeronautics and astronautics.

Phase 1-Premium placement in central pathways

Selling now through March 31, 2019
Grand Opening Ceremony-April 28, 2019
Color: Landmark Grey
Limited availability- approximately 2,700
Pricing Structure
               4”x 8” Brick w/no clipart – 3 lines/ 20 characters per line $100.00 donation
               4”x 8” Brick w/single clipart – 3 lines/ 15 characters per line $110.00 donation
               8”x 8” Brick w/no clipart – 6 lines/ 20 characters per line $200.00 donation
               8”x 8” Brick w/single clipart – 4 lines/ 20 characters per line $210.00 donation
               8”X 8” Brick with custom/corporate logo – $350.00 donation
Additional Items
               Any brick in contrasting color (Admiral Red) for extra visibility- +$50.00 donation
               Replica miniature 4×8 brick (2 3/4″x1 ½”) $12.00 donation
               Replica miniature 8×8 brick (3″x 3”) $15.00 donation