6 Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Apples)

Show great teachers that you appreciate their hard work with a thought teacher appreciation gift. And with the following great ideas, coming up with a thought gift won’t feel like nails across a chalkboard.

6 Great Gifts for Your Favorite Teachers

Whether it’s for back-to-school time, teacher appreciation week/teacher appreciation day, or for the end of the school year, the following thoughtful gifts could be just what you need to show a special teacher that you care.

1. School Supplies

Did you know that over 90% of teachers use their own money to buy supplies for their classroom? It’s true! That means some of the most practical, appreciated gifts you could get a school teacher are supplies like:

  • Crayons
  • Sticky notes
  • Stickers
  • Sharpies
  • Pencil holders
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Lesson plan calendars
  • Water bottles
  • Mason jars
  • And more

You can even deliver these supplies in a craft gift box or tote bag to further personalize your gift.

2. Gift Cards

Not sure what sort of supplies your child’s teachers need? Get your kid’s teachers Target gift cards or Amazon gift cards so that they can choose the supplies they need. Or, spoil them and get them Starbucks gift cards. Trust us; they’ve earned it!

Worried about a gift card being too generic a gift? Don’t. You can personalize these gifts with customizable gift card holders.

3. Succulents

A plant is the perfect gift to liven up any teacher’s desk. And a low-maintenance plant like a succulent could be perfect for a busy instructor. (Think your special teacher lacks a green thumb? Opt for fake succulents instead of live ones.)

4. Tumblers and Coffee Mugs

Tumblers and coffee mugs can be fun gifts, especially if you know the teachers’ special interests. Have an elementary school teacher in mind that loves cats, for example? Get him a mug with a bespectacled cat on it. Even if you don’t know much about the instructor, you can still create unique gifts by having them etched with the teacher’s name.

5. Gift Baskets

Nothing says, “Thank you, teacher!” quite like gift baskets. If you’re short on time, you can purchase a pre-packaged basket from a store that contains goodies like lotion, candy bars, and more. Or, you can make your own gift basket, stocking it with items centered around the teacher’s subject to create a fun themed gift.

6. Handwritten Notes

When it comes to personalized gifts, something simple like a thank you note can go a long way to showing teachers just how appreciated they truly are. The cards can contain a simple message, like “Thank you for helping me grow,” or can be longer. Either way, as long as the message is thoughtful and genuine, it should be appreciated.

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