Football Fundraising Ideas that are Sure to Be a Touchdown

For young football players, playing out on the field might not even be the best way to build camaraderie; the best team-building activity might just be fundraising together! If your youth sports team is looking for new and exciting ways to raise money, check out the following football ideas that are sure to be a touchdown.

10 Best Youth Football Fundraising Ideas

Sure, you’re going to sell tickets to games, but you can enhance the amount of money your team makes with donations. Check out the following easy fundraising ideas for youth sports teams.

1. Brick Fundraiser

Let your donors give a legacy that lasts a lifetime when you partner with Fundraising Brick. A brick fundraiser is simple: your donors buy a brick or tile with specific instructions on how they want the item to look. Donors can add fun clipart, a poem in memory of a loved one, or a favorite quote to add to their brick or tile. Once your donors have placed their orders, we’ll custom laser-engrave each order. Then you can work with your donors to place the tiles in a communal setting, such as a brick sidewalk, where people can see a tangible reminder of your donors’ generosity for years to come—and you get all the funds your charity or organization needs.


  • Generates plenty of funds
  • Gets the whole community involved
  • Laser-engraved bricks that last a lifetime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Help setting up your fundraising page
  • Free templates to share on social media


  • Need physical location to display bricks and tiles

2. Walk-a-Thon

Everyone in the entire community—team players, family members, coaches, and more—can get involved with this type of fundraising campaign. Simply reserve a time and place to host the event, and let people sign up as either sponsors or participants. The participants will walk a certain distance, with sponsors pledging a certain monetary donation to your cause for every unit of distance participants travel.


  • Fun activity for all ages
  • Allows people to participate directly (walking) or indirectly (sponsorships)


  • Requires a public space large enough to host the event
  • Weather-dependent event

3. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Get individual team members involved with your fundraiser and have them brush up on their door-to-door salesmanship skills by hosting a cookie dough fundraiser. This type of event is easy to implement and boasts a low startup cost. The best part? It tastes delicious!


  • Delicious fundraiser
  • Easy to get involved in
  • Low startup cost


  • May have to compete with other seasonal food fundraisers

4. Bake Sale

Instead of having your team roam door to door to sell baked goodies, have them stay in one spot instead with a bake sale. This event is a tried-and-true classic event that raises plenty of funds on even a shoestring budget.


  • Delicious way to raise funds
  • Can be cost effective


  • Need a public space to host the event
  • Need plenty of volunteers

5. Selling Merch

Raise team spirits and funds at the same time by selling team merch, such as t-shirts and jerseys with your sports team’s logo on it. You can sell these items exclusively during football games at concession stands or you can have players go door to door with donation forms.


  • Helps raise team spirit
  • Gives donors a tangible reminder of their donation


  • Startup costs may be high

6. Car Wash

Meet your fundraising goals easily with a timeless classic—a car wash. This event is a wonderful team fundraiser that raises funds while also building camaraderie among team members. All you need is an empty parking lot, a hose, and some soap to get started.


  • Fun, affordable fundraiser
  • Can build trust among team members


  • Requires dedicated public space to host the event
  • Need to schedule a time that works for all volunteers
  • Weather-dependent event

7. 50/50 Raffle

This classic fundraising event has practically no startup cost, and you can vary the prices of your tickets to suit your organization’s needs. When it comes to flexibility and big-time fundraising, it’s tough to beat these raffles.


  • Simple, cost-effective way to raise funds


  • Not every winner will donate their 50% back to your organization

8. Halftime Donation

Game day is a great opportunity to raise funds for your middle school or high school football team. Cheerleaders or team members can help collect funds during halftime, going around to audience members with a donation bucket.


  • Capitalizes on game day emotions


  • Limited time for collecting funds

9. Online Donation Page

Boost the amount of money you make by expanding your fundraising efforts outside of football season. Set up an online donation page for your organization so that you can collect year-round donations.


  • Allows for year-round donations


  • Online donations will likely be smaller compared to event-based donations

10. Silent Auction

A silent auction is a cost-effective way to raise funds for your football club. Local businesses can get involved by having local restaurants donate gift cards or small boutiques donate discount cards as items to be auctioned off at your event.


  • Affordable to host
  • Easy to set up


  • Requires outside support for auction items

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