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Interested in raising $80,000 for your university fundraiser? We thought so.

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Interested in raising $80,000 for your university fundraiser? We thought so.

The Ole Miss Athletic Department raised well over $80 grand by selling 500 bricks. Minimal effort and maximum payoff—the recipe for a perfect university fundraiser.

So, if your booster club is looking for fundraising ideas, here’s one: sell bricks to students, staff, sports fans and the community. You’ll make far more than you would with a popcorn or bake sale—both of which turn over pitiful profits—and your community will be left with a permanent testament to its generosity. Your donors will feel recognized and the booster club fundraiser will be successful.

How to raise $80,000 for your booster club by selling fundraising bricks

The Ole Miss Forward Together Brick Campaign was a simple campaign aimed at improving the university’s athletic facilities. We set them up with a campaign page and customized marketing materials, and their campaign took off from there.

Ole Miss Athletics enticed donors’ generosity by allowing them the opportunity to have their name featured outside the Pavilion, every Rebels fan’s dream. Over 500 people were willing to drop quite a bit of cash to be publicly recognized right outside of their alma mater’s stadium, Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

Your university booster club can do the same, and here’s how:

1.Set up your campaign with our customized marketing materials

At Fundraising Brick, we offer turnkey fundraising campaigns. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll set you up with a free campaign page—click here to see OleMiss’ page—where you can direct all potential donors. We’ll even promote your campaign to broaden your reach.

At Fundraising Brick, we want to make fundraising as easy, rewarding and successful as possible, so we try our best to set you up for success from the outset of your university fundraiser.

2.Watch the donations roll in

From there, your campaign can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like. You can set up a trivia night where you’ll encourage brick and tile donations, or the university booster club can just send out a quick e-blast with the page link. It’s entirely up to you.

3.Build a walkway or memorial to commemorate the generosity of your donors

Just like Ole Miss did, you can have your bricks installed into a commemorative walkway, memorial or wall. Not only will this encourage more—and larger—donations, it’s also a great way to say ’thank you’ for your donors’ generosity.

Do you want to launch a successful university fundraiser? Get in touch with us today, and let’s see how we can over-deliver on your booster club fundraising goals.

For fundraising that pays off, work with Fundraising Brick! Contact ustoday.

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