Three Fundraising Superstars–and How They Do It

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organizations is fundraising. Coming up with top fundraising ideas is hard enough, but then getting people involved in the campaigns can prove nearly impossible. However, some organizations simply “get it”. Here are three groups that have discovered how to win at the fundraising game. Perhaps their experiences can inspire you as you plan your next fundraising drive.

More than Me – More than Me is a group that brings awareness and opportunity to girls in Liberia. The organization wants to help get girls off the street and into the classroom—while giving them access to education, healthcare, and other services. Rather than going the route of a traditional fundraiser, More than Me uses the power of email marketing to reach interested individuals and solicit donations. These are not simple texts—the emails are filled with video, compelling infographics and imagery and well-researched content. Through this campaign, More than Me continues to get the word out about its important mission and need for funding!

The Muny of St. Louis – The Muny, otherwise known as the Municipal Theater Association of St. Louis, is a vibrant organization that does many great things for the city. However, putting together funding for these projects can be difficult at times. One of the best ways the group has found to raise funds has been through an ongoing laser engraved brick fundraiser. With two price/size options, a donor can choose how much they want to contribute. The program works so well because donor bricks then become a part of the theater.

Blind Cat Rescue – Located in St. Pauls, NC, the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is continually raising funds using a variety of methods. However, one of the most successful has been through corporate contests. This rescue finds and enters competitions (often those seeking cutest cat or the like) and then uses social media to reach out to followers to win and gain sponsorship. While the organization requests (and needs) individual donations, working with corporate sponsorships like this allows the rescue group to keep up the work it does with blind and ill felines.

The key to success with fundraising is to find a program that works for your particular group. For instance, while the top fundraising ideas for schools might include candy sales, that type of program might not function as well for animal rights causes—for example.

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