Boosting Your Profits: Athletic Fundraising Tips

Whether at the recreational or high school level, running a sports program requires two things: athletes and money. Luckily, there are usually willing participants, if you know where to look. However, finding the funding to keep your athletics program running, and growing, can be a sticking point. The problem with many top fundraising ideas is that they simply do not bring in the level of profit that you may need or want. Before you sign up for yet another candy or cookie dough sale, consider these fundraising simple tips to boost your fundraising profitability.

  • According to Everyday Hero, women make 64% of donations. Therefore, you may experience more success by choosing fundraising drives that are female-friendly.
  • With a focus on health and more concern about where our food is coming from, it can be harder to sell products like candy or cookie dough than it was even a few years ago. Trying a different type of fundraiser or using another fundraiser in conjunction with your tried and true sale may be a good alternative.
  • Door-to-door isn’t often a fundraising strategy that works for many families. The truth is, most of the fundraising is done by the parents of the young athletes through social media and other forms of contact. In many cases, it is easier for a parent to solicit donations outright, or collect for a larger product than it is to sell candy or other small items. This is another big consideration.
  • Getting the community involved is key. Especially when it comes to high school level athletics, getting the entire community participating in a fundraiser can be the best way to assure success. If you can, find a fundraising program that will inspire more than just parental involvement.

The best fundraising ideas for sports teams and organizations will vary depending on the particular needs of the group. However, one option you should consider is Fundraising Brick.

We would love to help you put together a campaign that is both profitable and a unique way to create a treasured commemoration of the athletes and those who support them. Call us at 855-958-0516 or download our fundraising packet today.

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