5 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Fundraising Campaign

Social media is something that affects every aspect of our lives today. Even as you use it for entertainment, marketing, working and yes, socialization, it is easy to forget that it is an excellent tool for fundraising too. Next time you begin a new fundraising campaign, consider these five ways that Facebook can help you reach, and even exceed your goals.

  • Set Up an Official Page – It is easy to set up an official page for your organization or fundraising campaign. With an official page, you gain followers—rather than friends. This lends credibility to your posts. Facebook then gives you, free of charge, access to analytics tools so that you can track your reach.
  • Fill Your Page – Do not let your page sit dormant. Fill it with information, post on your wall and share photographs of events. Make your Facebook account an interactive experience that interested individuals will WANT to follow. This is the best way to assure success.
  • Use Facebook Events – When you have fundraising events, you can use Facebook as a platform to invite friends, followers and others to your events. This invitation platform is very straightforward, and you can keep events private or open them up where others can share your event with the world at large.
  • Advertise Products and Services – With all of the free options available on Facebook, it is easy to forget that there are paid services on the platform too. For instance, if you sell fundraising bricks for your charity you can display your ad on the platform. These ads are easy to launch, and you can target them to the audience you hope to reach.
  • Share – Finally, just remember to share your fundraising efforts with your friends. This is something you can do from a personal space as well as through your organizational page. Your friends and family want to know more about everything you do—do not be afraid to tell them.

As you can see, Facebook is an essential tool for fundraising. However, it is just that—a tool. Make sure your next fundraising campaign is one that is relatable and that helps you earn. If you want to learn more about fundraising bricks as an option, give us a call at 855-958-0516 and talk to one of our specialists today.

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