Gifts for Grandparent’s Day

September 13 is National Grandparent’s Day. Of course, your grandma and grandpa deserve to be appreciated every day of the year, but this holiday is your big chance to wow them. The only question is, what should you get them?

Well, we’ve come up with a few great gift suggestions. Check them out!

Enjoy a Meal Together

A familiar situation for most grandchildren, as soon as you enter Grandma’s kitchen you’re offered mountains of food. Turn the tables this Grandparent’s Day. Take them out to eat or cook for your grandparents.

Get Creative

Don’t just buy a store bought gift or card off the rack, get creative. Create anything from paintings to poems to photo collages to family trees. Regardless of what you choose to make, your grandparents will be glowing when you present it to them. If you’re not the craftiest person use your other talents to share your feelings.

Fill a Memory Box Together

Get together this September and take turns filling a container with all of your favorite memories of your grandparents. This can be anything from pictures, to gifts, to crafts and keepsakes. Once you’ve filled it up you can come back to it anytime you’re together and re-live those precious moments.

A Day to Learn About Each Other

Spend the day with your grandparents. Ask them about what life was like when they were growing up, how they met, what their dreams are, or even just small things like favorite colors or musicians. Share things about yourself. This idea makes for a great opportunity to not only learn about each other, but also appreciate them on an even deeper level.

A Commemorative Brick

Give them a gift that they can keep for a lifetime. Give them a commemorative brick laser engraved with a message that shows how much you care. Every time they look at it they won’t be able to help but smile and remember their favorite grandchild. Our state of the art laser engraving process paired with the highest quality bricks available ensures that your gift will be as permanent as the bond you share with your grandmother and grandfather.

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