Adoption fundraising ideas – Fundraising Brick

Adoption is expensive. Like more than the down payment on your house expensive. The cost of adoptions—domestic or international—can cost as much as $30-50,000. That’s why many people turn to adoption fundraising to supplement adoption loans and grants.

Popular fundraising ideas include garage sales, coffee fundraisers and dinner parties. However, none of these options will bring you much money. You might find yourself falling short of your fundraising goals. And after you’ve asked your family and friends for money three or four times, you’ll notice diminishing returns. At first, they’re excited. But then they become fatigued of your continued fundraising efforts.

The key to reaching your fundraising goals—especially when they’re so high—is to reach it the first time. Okay, okay, we know. It’s easier said than done. But it’s very true: the first time you ask for money is the time you’ll receive the highest donations from your family and friends.

So how do you reach your goals the first time? It’s simple: pick a good fundraising idea. One that recognizes the generosity of your donors, and one that sends the lion’s share of the profits back to you.

Fundraising Bricks might be the answer. Ask each family member to donate a brick—which you can price at whatever you’d like—and then create a memorial wall or paver walkway to commemorate the generosity of your family. We’ve helped our clients raise as much as $80,000 before. And we can help you raise your adoption fees, too.

Here’s how to set up your Fundraising Brick campaign:

1. Let your family know your story through a personalized donor letter

Send your friends and family a letter explaining why you’re asking for money. We’ll supply you with all the personalized marketing materials you’ll need to persuade your family to donate to your adoption fundraiser, including brochures, donor letters and even pledge sign-up forms.

2. As your family donates bricks, reach your adoption fundraising goals

Your family wants to help you welcome a new family member, so they’ll donate a brick to your fundraiser. They can even customize a message for their brick, so their newest family member will know their generosity. And, as more family members and friends donate bricks, you’ll get closer to closer to your goal.

3. Host a donor dinner party once you reach your goal

Invite your friends and family over for a cost-free appreciation dinner once your brick installation—whether it’s a wall in the nursery or a walkway in your backyard—is done. They can admire their bricks, and you can thank them for their generosity.

4. Welcome your newest family member!

With your fundraising goals met, you can finally afford adoption. So go ahead and get the process started. You’ve earned it.

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