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Fundraiser Bricks Build More Effective Donor Campaigns!

Build a better way to fundraise! Fundraising with engraved bricks is the inspired way to attract donations to worthy causes. From personalized bricks that allow donors to literally put their names on a project, to commemorative bricks that honor loved ones, using engraved bricks for fundraising will generate greater involvement in your donor campaigns. Best of all, an engraved bricks fundraiser creates visible, measureable success.

Fundraising Brick of Hermann, MO specializes in successful brick and tile campaigns using our laser engraving process. With more than 20 years of experience in laser brick engraving for fundraising, our team of dedicated experts can help you to maximize your fundraising potential. We are customer focused and dedicated to helping you clarify and meet your fundraising goals. In addition to engraving bricks for fundraisers, we provide our clients with customized marketing tools that meet the specific needs of their campaigns and maximizes their potential fundraising proceeds. 

Why Laser-Engraving Fundraising Bricks Makes a Difference

Laser engraving offers a level of quality and detail that traditional techniques, such as mechanical engraving and sandblasting, simply cannot attain. We are so confident in the durability of the laser engraving process used on our fundraiser bricks that we offer a lifetime guarantee. Fundraising Brick is the industry leader in quality products, customer service, and campaign support—from start to finish! When you select us for your fundraiser brick or tile program, you’re choosing the company that’s committed to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.

Engraved brick fundraising is ideal for campaigns of every type and scope. Name by name, brick by brick, a bricks fundraiser tangibly demonstrates the concept that every single donor makes a difference. This in turn has been known to inspire even more donors to participate in the personalized brick fundraiser. Call us today at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-274-2574) or contact us online and let us show you how an engraved brick fundraiser can generate the donations to make your campaign a “solid success”!

Laser Engraving

Learn why our laser engraving processes are key to a successful brick project.

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