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Why Fundraising Brick? Fundraising Brick has been providing laser engraved bricks for individuals as well as organizations for 20+ years, exceeding their expectations. With our FREE services we will help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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Our competitors claim to provide unique services, however, we strive to exceed your needs -- offering exceptional features and assistance for your most successful engraved Fundraising Brick or Tile campaign.

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Brick Fundraising Build More Effective Donor Campaigns!

Why Fundraising Brick, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we stand behind our products and services. In our years of business, we are extremely proud to say that we have had zero customer complaints. We are customer focused and provide our clients with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Build a better way to fundraise, one brick at a time! Fundraising with engraved bricks is the inspired way to attract donations to your worthy cause. From personalized bricks that allow donors to literally put their names on a project, to commemorative bricks that honor loved ones, using engraved bricks for fundraising is certain to generate greater involvement in your donor campaigns. Best of all, engraved bricks create a way to show current and potential donors visible and measureable fundraising success.

Fundraising Brick of Hermann, MO specializes in successful brick and tile campaigns using our patented laser engraving process. When you look at our engraved bricks and pavers, you’ll notice how smooth and glossy the engraving is. Each mark creates a beautiful contrast against the surface of the brick or tile, and unlike sandblasting, laser engraving ensures that no dirt gets trapped in the grooves. As a result, our bricks are maintenance-free. No additional labor costs are required to keep your laser engraved bricks as stunning as the first day you received them from our warehouse. With more than 20 years of experience in laser brick and tile engraving for fundraising, our team of dedicated experts can help you to maximize your fundraising potential. We are customer focused and our devoted team of professionals is truly committed to your success.

Who can Benefit from Brick Fundraising?

Fundraising Brick has provided extensive fundraising benefits to a wide variety of organizations, including charities, religious institutions, hospitals, community centers, schools and universities, stadiums, zoos, botanical gardens and parks, libraries, memorials and more. Personalized engraved bricks or tiles can be installed just about anywhere, from sidewalks and outdoor plazas to vertical walls and indoor walkways - the possibilities are endless! And unlike many fundraisers that require the advance purchase of donation appreciation gifts such as mugs or bags, selling fundraising bricks requires no upfront investment from your organization. Best of all, when the campaign is over, you won’t have any leftover inventory to store – the only thing that remains is a timeless tribute from your donors to your organization. There is no better way to express your sincere appreciation and gratitude, than by giving your donors a permanent place within your organization!

The Fundraising Brick Advantage

In addition to physically engraving bricks for fundraisers, Fundraising Brick provides our clients with invaluable personalized marketing tools that meet the specific needs of their campaigns as well as fundraising ideas that can help increase profit margins for your organization to ensure that you get the most out of every dollar raised. When you select us for your brick or tile donor program, you’re choosing the company that’s committed to uncompromising quality, customer satisfaction and ensuring your fundraising campaign is both profitable and rewarding. Let us help you turn bricks into bucks!

Why Laser-Engraving Fundraising Bricks Makes a Difference

Laser engraving offers a level of quality and detail that traditional techniques, such as mechanical engraving and sandblasting, simply cannot attain. At Fundraising Brick, we know that fundraising is your primary goal, and we are here to ensure that 100% of the original dollars raised are allocated to the initial fundraising cause. We are so confident in the durability of the laser engraving process used on our fundraiser bricks that we offer a lifetime guarantee that is ONE OF THE BEST in the industry. The overall resilience and appearance of your fundraising bricks is ultimately a reflection on the success of your campaign, and we are here to ensure that your donors and key constituents are proud of your fundraising successes for years to come.

Engraved brick fundraising is ideal for campaigns of every type and scope. Name by name, brick by brick, a bricks fundraiser tangibly demonstrates the concept that every single donor makes a difference. This in turn has been known to inspire even more donors to participate in the personalized brick fundraiser. Fundraising Brick is one of the industry leaders in quality products, customer service, and campaign support— from start to finish. Call us today at 1-855-BRICKS4U (1-855-274-2574) or contact us online and let us show you how an engraved brick fundraiser can generate the donations to make your campaign a “solid success”!

Other Applications for Engraved Bricks & Tiles

While Fundraising Brick got its start doing just that – creating superior quality, laser engraved bricks and tiles for non-profit organizations to sell as a fundraiser – that’s just the beginning of what Fundraising Brick does today. Whether you’re looking for an inventive way to preserve your child’s artwork or a unique gift idea for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or the holidays, Fundraising Brick can help you create the perfect keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. Additionally, an engraved brick or tile is also a wonderful way remember a special family member, friend, colleague or even a beloved pet with a distinctive memorial that will honor their legacy.

Laser Engraving

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A collection of installation images to showcase our work & to inspire your next fundraising project.

New Products

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