5 ways you can leverage Facebook Live to amp your fundraising efforts Fundraising Brick

It’s not news: Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with people. In fact, Facebook accounts for 20 percent of all pageviews in the United States—that’s a lot of web traffic.

What is (relatively) new is that Facebook now allows its users to request donations for most501(c)(3) charities directly from their Facebook Live videos.

If in the middle of planning a fundraiser, this should be good news. This means your volunteers and organizers can all post Facebook Live videos about your fundraiser and ask for donations directly from your video.

Facebook Live donations can increase the reach of your fundraising campaign and raise awareness about your charity or cause.

Still, you shouldn’t just blindly post Facebook Live videos about your fundraising campaign. Otherwise, you might tire your audience. You need to use each Live post to increase anticipation and provide value to potential donors.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook Live to boost your fundraising efforts:

1.Host interactive Q&A’s to answer your audience’s questions about the fundraiser

Before someone will open their pocketbook for your cause, they might want a couple questions answered.

How much of their donation will actually go to the cause? Why is this cause worthy of their money? Will they be recognized for their donation?

Your Live video will allow potential donors to ask their questions in real time.

A Live Q&A video is the perfect opportunity to address the concerns of potential donors, as well as promote your cause as a whole.

2.Interview those directly impacted by donations to your fundraiser

Sharing individual stories can actually drive more and larger donations for your charity or cause than will big picture statistics.

The only way to get someone to donate is to make them feel something. Interview individuals directly impacted by donations to your charity on Facebook Live.

Then sit back, relax and watch the ’likes’ and dollars roll in.

3.Record noteworthy events as they happen

The San Diego Humane Society raisednearly $100,000 with Facebook Live.


They didn’t wait for the news team to show up when they rescued 92 Yorkies. They recorded the rescue live, created a hashtag—#92Yorkies—and earned weeks of media coverage.

You can bet the campaign went viral, and donations rolled in one after another.

Captialize on newsworthy events using Facebook Live, and watch your campaign take off.

4.Tease your event Authenticity is key here.

If you’re planning a big fundraising event, just shoot a couple behind-the-scenesLive videos of your team’s preparation. Shoot 30 seconds of footage teasing your giveaways for the attendees. Or just promote your event.

These videos will increase anticipation of your event, increase ticket sales and help your organziation reach your fundraising goal.

5.Last but not least: Say thank you!

Never forget to say a big, warm ’Thank you’ to those who donate to your campaign. Recognizing your donors makes it more likely to contribute to your cause in the future.

If you hosted a brick fundraiser—where donors buy bricks to be built into a commemorative wall—this is easy. You can just shoot a short clip of the finished wall, and caption your video with a short ’Thank you’ message.

Otherwise, you can just post a clip of your team thanking the donors.

Facebook Live donations have made it easier than ever to broaden the reach of your organization’s fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Brick can also help make fundraising easy with complimentary marketing materials customized just for your campaign. Plus, our wall, path and garden installations serve as a ’Thank you’ to your donors, as well as a reminder to passersby of your cause.

Contactus today to start working toward your fundraising goals!

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