7 School Fundraising Ideas That Work

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Are you on the hunt to find a great fundraising idea for your school? Well look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 7 methods guaranteed to tap into your potential donors’ charitable side.

1. Candy and Bake Sales

Just ask the Girl Scouts of America, they’ve been selling cookies since 1917 and today everybody has a stash of Thin Mints in their freezer. It’s a time tested and irresistible way to pump some funding into your school’s latest fundraiser. This can be door-to-door candy sales, bake sales, or even catalogue treat sales.

2. School Merchandise Sales

A surefire way to raise funds at your school is to sell products—hats, t-shirts, wristbands, car decals, etc. Parents and family members are proud to support their kids and they want to show it. You can sell products for the school, your cause, school sports teams and clubs, academics and many more.

3. Restaurant Fundraiser Nights

It’s as simple as a donor going out for a cheap, family dinner. Many restaurants are more than willing to do fundraising nights to support local schools. It gives them a chance to build their customer base and become a bigger part of the community, all while giving a percentage of sales to your school. For you it means happy families, full stomachs and a fantastic way to raise funds.

4. Student Events

This can be anything as long as it gets students out of the classroom and having fun for a few hours: a carnival, a live musical performance, a field trip, the options are limitless. Sell tickets to raise funds for your cause and give your students a nice, refreshing break.

5. Marathons and Walks

Get parents and students out of the house and get their blood moving with a marathon or walk. It promotes good health and brings out their charitable side. Marathons and walks use a sponsor system to raise funds. The person running/walking collects sponsors that pay per distance. This can be a great fundraising opportunity for the whole family.

6. Internet Fundraising

Crowdsourcing and social media are huge now. They provide an easy, highly effective way to get the word out about your school’s fundraiser. The biggest benefit with this method is how simple it can be to donate. All it takes is a few clicks to help your school.

7. Do an Engraved Brick Campaign

Allow donors to leave their mark on your school. With a fundraising brick campaign you sell engraved, personalized bricks to donors that last a lifetime in walkways, walls, fountains and any other concrete structure. These personalized bricks can also be sold individually as a reminder that you made a difference to your school or simply as a donation gift. A brick fundraiser is versatile and unique way to raise money for your school.

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