The Crowdsourcing Trend: What It Tells Us About Our Donors

Kickstarter. Indiegogo. RocketHub. No, that’s not obscure sports terminology. Those are names of just a few of the crowdsourcing websites that have sprung up and gained popularity over the past several years. So, what is this crowdsourcing trend and what does it mean for the fundraising industry?

Crowdsourcing, or crowdfunding, sites work by creating an online hub where members can post their fundraising projects. Potential donors can freely view and give to anything they wish. It has proven to be a very successful endeavor for artists, musicians, businesses and many others all over the world.

It’s an interesting trend that seems to be bringing out the charitable side in a great deal of people, but why? What do these people value and how can we convince them to fundraise offline? Lucky for us, these donors exhibit a fairly distinct profile that allows us to see what’s important to them, and it actually appears to be rather familiar.

1. Passion

People today are passionate, but that’s no surprise. Donors have always been passionate about causes that are dear to them and these websites give them a great way to show it. More importantly, however, is that it shows that people areready to give.

The great thing about this urge to give is that it’s not exclusive to these websites. When these donors care they will seek out their cause, whether it be tell-a-thons, car washes, galas or engraved brick memorials.

2. Recognition

Donors love to give. It is part of their charitable nature and the added benefit of giving is the recognition you receive from it. Crowdsourcing sites do this in a number of ways, but most of them use a tiered reward system based on monetary amounts donated.

This is nothing new to fundraising efforts. For example, a brick campaign, literally, sets the donors name in stone where it stands as a testament to their generosity. It’s a reward that lasts a lifetime.

3. Simplicity

Crowdfunding has made donating to a fundraiser easier than ever. It’s as simple as signing up and clicking away. The process couldn’t be simpler, which is crucial. Any small inconveniences can turn a potential donor away.

However, being at the height of the ever-growing internet age makes this option viable for any form of fundraiser. In fact, many organizations already have easy options for donating right on their website, which can very simply be marketed on social media.

Alright, what should we take away from this? Crowdsourcing is big right now, but is it taking over? Certainly not. It covers its own niche, but it’s not right for all fundraising. You’ll never have a virtual cake walk and you can never truly enjoy a donor memorial from pictures on the web.

The values shown by this trend have always been true and will continue to be. It’s just human nature. Everybody has passion for something and everybody wants to help make a difference. Any type of fundraising endeavor, from laser engraved brick sales to large-scale events, can benefit by utilizing these values in their strategy.

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